Amanda Cerny shared an amazing pool video without top

Amanda Cerny has posted a hot video on her Instagram profile, in which she can be seen in black colored bra inside a pool, But it's really very innovative!

Published: May 31st, 2023 8:09 am | Updated: May 31, 2023 8:09 am

Amanda Cerny is best known for her roles in a few films and her online presence on Instagram, where she posts hot pictures and videos for her fans. Recently the iCarly star posted a video of her in which she can be seen swimming in a pool.

But you will say what’s new in swimming in a pool, we all swim in pools and enjoy the summer. But in this it’s different. We will disclose the video here on this page, But first, let’s talk about Amanda Cerny and her social media posts.

Amanda Cerny a hit on Instagram with a promising career

Ms. Cerny started her career with a sitcom named Workaholics in 2017, then she appeared in various films and series like Ridiculousness, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and iCarlyย .

Clearly, she is comparatively very new in the industry yet she has 23 million followers on her Instagram profile. And if know Amanda Cerny and follow her you must be knowing the reason behind this.

On Instagram, Amanda posts hot videos and photos from work, parties, and holidays, and that’s why her profile is really active and engagement on her posts is really very high.

Recently the actress posted a video in which she can be seen swimming in a pool but without any bra. Yes in the video we can see her black bra floating on the water and in the same video Amanda Cerny can be seen coming towards that bra and flapping it around her body and laughing. Watch the video below and have a look by yourself.

If we talk about her other videos and posts she can be seen enjoying herself with friends sometime but mostly Amanda Cerny can be seen in hot dresses performing and enjoying holidays near a beach.

In the below video, Amanda can be seen dancing to a Bollywood Song, and the post has more than 2 lac likes and thousands of comments too.

Amanda Cerny has posted another post in which she can be seen near a beach in a gray color t-shirt and her poses are really hot and sizzling.

Amanda Cerny hot in grey t-shirt

In another video, she can be seen underwater, probably in a pool, in this video she is looking like a mermaid in her colorful swimming costume.

There is not much news about her upcoming projects, but she is already doing a lead role in Netflix’s iCarly.