Top 10 TV Shows Like Blue Bloods Season 13 Part 2.

If you enjoy 'Blue Bloods' and are waiting for the second part of Season 13 of the series.

Published: May 31st, 2023 7:51 am | Updated: May 31, 2023 7:51 am

Blue Bloods Season 13 Part 2 was released this year, and here we’ve listed the Top 10 TV Shows Like Blue Bloods that you should watch.

American police procedural drama series ‘Blue Bloods’ is created by Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green. The plot of the series revolves around an Irish Catholic family of the Reagans.

Though all of the members are cops, they feature different aspects of the field of police work while their lives occasionally interweave with each other.

The primary cast members of the series include Tom Selleck playing Commissioner Frank Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg playing Detective Danny Reagan, Bridget Moynahan as ADA Erin Reagan, Will Estes playing Officer/Sergeant Jamie Reagan, and Len Cariou as Commissioner (ret.) Henry Reagan all of whom have reprised their roles in Season 13.

The series premiered on September 24, 2010 on CBS. Season 13 was released on October 7 this year with part one concluding on 9th December. The second part is set to air on January 6 in the next year.

Following is the list of a number of other television series that you might like if you enjoy ‘Blue Bloods’ and are waiting for the second part of Season 13 of the series.

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Top 10 TV Shows Like Blue Bloods Season 13 Part 2.

FBI – Number of Seasons: 5


The plot of the American crime tv series revolves around Maggie Bell and Omar Adom Zidan who are special agents of the New York branch of the FBI and work together in order to protect the city from crimes.

Missy Peregrym and Zeeko Zaki have starred as Maggie and Zidan in the series. It premiered on September 25, 2018, on CBS.

NCIS: Los Angeles – Number of Seasons: 14

NCIS: Los Angeles

The plot of this action television military and police procedural drama series surrounds the Naval Criminal Investigative Services of Los Angeles and the team of special agents working there to solve crimes related to the Marines and the Navy.

The series serves as the second series of the NCIS franchise. It premiered on September 22, 2008, on CBS.

The Rookie – Number of Seasons: 5

The Rookie

The plot is centered upon John Nolan, a small-town guy in his middle age with the dream of becoming a successful LAPD officer.

When he joins the force after a life-changing incident, he finds himself being the oldest rookie member of the team catching skepticism about his ability from everywhere.

Will his life experience, determination, and humor be enough to help him keep up with the younger cops as well as the criminals so that he does not risk his own life and many others?

Nathan Fillion has starred as John Nolan in the series. It premiered on October 16, 2018, on ABC.

NCIS: New Orleans – Number of Seasons: 7

NCIS: New Orleans

The second spin-off series of ‘NCIS’- ‘NCIS: New Orleans‘ is an action crime police procedural drama that follows the New Orleans-based office of the fictional team dealing with marine and navy-related crimes.

It is the first series to conclude among all of the NCIS franchise and it ran from September 23, 2014, to May 230 2021 on CBS.

NCIS – Number of Seasons: 20

Radio Times

This is the police procedural series that kicked off the NCIS franchise. The plot revolves around the Major Case Response Team of Naval Criminal Investigative Services led by a skilled investigator- special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Mark Harmon has starred as special agent Gibbs in the series. It premiered on September 23, 2003, on CBS and is still running.

Rizzoli & Isles – Number of Seasons: 7

Rizzoli & Isles

The plot of this American crime drama series revolves around a police detective Jane Rizzoli and a medical examiner Maura Isles who help each other in solving crimes.

Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander have starred as Rizzoli and Isles respectively in the series. It ran from July 12, 2010, to September 5, 2016.

Bosch: Legacy – Number of Seasons: 1

Bosch: Legacy
Amazon Advisor

The plot of this police procedural series surrounds the titular LAPD detective Harry Bosch, who while embarking upon the next journey of his career,  finds himself working together with defense attorney Honey Chandler, his onetime enemy.

Titus Welliver and Mimi Rogers have starred as Bosch and Chandler respectively in the series. It premiered on May 6, 2022.

Bosch – Number of Seasons: 7

Prime Video

The plot of this police procedural series, which is the prequel of ‘Bosch: Legacy‘, centers around the titular detective Harry Bosch of the Los Angeles Police Department as he gets accused of killing a serial killer while investigating the case of a young boy’s murder.

Titus Welliver has portrayed the titular Bosch in the series that ran from February 6, 2014, to June 25, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video.

The Good Cop – Number of Seasons: 1

The Good Cop

This American comedy murder mystery series is about a former cop who was in prison for seven years after being convicted of corruption.

Tony Danza portrayed the protagonist Big Tony in this series that premiered on September 21, 2018, on Netflix.

Covert Affairs – Number of Seasons: 5

Covert Affairs

This American action drama revolves around a young CIA trainee named Annie Walker. Piper Perabo portrayed this character in the series that ran from July 13, 2010, to December 18, 2014, on the USA Network.