Barracuda Queens Swedish Girls Heist Series Trailer Released on Netflix.

The official teaser for Netflix's new Swedish crime drama Barracuda Queens has been released.

Published: May 4th, 2023 1:49 am | Updated: May 5, 2023 1:49 am

A formal trailer has been made available on Netflix that will launch “Barracuda Queens,” a Swedish criminal drama series, in 2023. 

Barracuda Queens is an upper-class lady gang heist series based on actual incidents. The Barracuda Queens are a gang of disgruntled young women who, tired of their privileged existence in the wealthy Stockholm neighborhood of Djursholm, start committing increasing numbers of home invasions on their gullible rich neighbors.

They are daughters and successful students during the day but are ruthless robbers at night. Additionally, nobody will ever suspect them. 

Overview of the Story of the “Barracuda Queens” Swedish Girls?

Barracuda Queens

The four rich Djursholm girls who star in the show refer to themselves as the “Barracuda Queens” since they used to party on Barracuda Beach.

When confronted with an enormous party bill, the girls desperately decide to steal their new neighbor Amina from her home. Fortunately, Amina is more interested in joining the gang than filing charges when things don’t exactly go as planned.

Together, the girls participate in a growing campaign of home invasions against their rude, wealthy neighbors.

By day, they are brilliant students and daughters; by night, however, they are ruthless thieves looking for thrills, release, and retribution against men who have wronged them.

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Who will be in the forthcoming Swedish Girls Heist Series “Barracuda Queens”?

Barracuda Queens

The series’ entire cast consists of Alva Bratt as Lollo Millkvist, Tindra Monsen as Klara Rapp, Sandra Zubovic as Frida Rapp, Tea Stjärne as Mia Thorstensson, Sarah Gustafsson as Amina Khalil, Izabella Scorupco as Margareta Millkvist, Carsten Björnlund as Lars Millkvist, Max Ulveson as Calle Millkvist, Johannes Kuhnke as Claes Rapp, Mirja Turestedt as Viveca Rapp, Michaela Thorsén as Cecilia Thorstensson, Meliz Karlge as Laila Khalil, Gino Estera as Farshid Khalil, Christian Fandango Sundgren as Tobias among others.

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Trailer Review and Explanation Of “Barracuda Queens” Swedish Girls Heist Series

The official teaser for Netflix’s new Swedish crime drama Barracuda Queens has been released. The one-minute-fourteen-second teaser offers glimpses of young women in the 1990s who strive to rebel by breaking into houses to delight themselves and exact retribution on males who have wronged them.

That occurs when they decide to loot their new neighbor Amina’s home after being confronted with a hefty bill from the party they hosted and having no way to pay it back.

They had no idea, though, that Amina would eventually join part of the exciting heists, turning their once-in-a-lifetime excitement into a daily occurrence.

As a result, they lead a double existence, one as successful students and daughters during the day and merciless robbers during the night, robbing wealthy communities.

They respond that going out to parties is the most incredible thing ever while stealing is the worst because it pays for the parties.

The group is disintegrating as one-time events increase in frequency due to some variances. Snap!’s song Rhythm is a Dancer, which seems like a fitting soundtrack for the party girl’s gang, plays in the background while the events in the teaser unfold.

It is still being determined whether they will ever be found or whether this is a fail-safe plan to conceal their identity. In the teaser, they are questioned about the best and worst things they have ever done.