Supacell Inside Look at Chapman’s New Superhero Drama.

Netflix hasn't revealed Supacell's release date; however, given that production began in 2022, it's likely to happen in 2023.

Published: May 4th, 2023 1:51 am | Updated: May 5, 2023 1:51 am

Rapman said that work on his Netflix “Supacell” superhuman series has finally ended during the streaming service What’s Next event.

In the six-episode series, five regular individuals mysteriously acquire superpowers. Apart from being all Black South Londoners, they don’t have much in common.

One guy, Michael Lasaki, must unite them all to rescue the lady he loves. One man, Michael Lasaki, must join them all to save the woman he loves.

Andrew Onwubolu, better known by his stage moniker Rapman, will write and direct the new six-part television series. His filmography includes the short film trilogy Shiro’s Story, American Son, and Blue Story.

Rapman will collaborate on production with New Wave members Mouktar Mohammed and Henrietta Lee.

Five average Black South Londoners with little in common who suddenly acquire superpowers will be the subjects of the television series. Michael Lasaki must bring them all together to save the lady he loves.

What happens in Supacell?


Supacell’s narrative is mainly unknown, except for the knowledge that it will be a sci-fi superhero series. There is no apparent link between a group of ordinary South Londoners who mysteriously acquire superpowers other than they are all Black.

One guy must gather them to defend the person he loves while evading the strong and evil agents who have become aware of their unique skills. This is all while dealing with the effects on their daily lives.

One guy will have to unite them as they adjust to the impact on their everyday lives to protect the person he loves and stay away from the potent agents who have become aware of their unique talents.

Along with Mouktrar Mohammed and associate producer Henrietta Lee, Rapman will also direct, and executive produce the series. 

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Who are the cast members of The Supacell?


We have a complete list of Supacell’s primary and supporting actors.

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What number of episodes will Supacell contain?

Den of Geek

Six episodes will comprise Netflix’s Supacell. Each one will last for 60 minutes.

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What day will Supracell debut on Netflix?

Radio Times

Netflix hasn’t revealed Supacell’s release date; however, given that production began in 2022, it’s likely to happen in 2023.

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Who is Rapman, and who is Supacell?


The main character, Michael Lasaki, is portrayed by Tosin Cole. Dionne’s possible love interest is an everyday working man rumored to be deeply in love with her. Rapman is a UK-based hip-hop musician.

Shiro’s Story, which he developed, propelled him to fame and allowed him to work with Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s organization.

Then, with Blue Story, based entirely on his screenplay, he made his directing debut. He received a BAFTA Award nomination for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer.