Queer Eye Season 7 Confirmed Release Date, and More Details.

The Fab Five are returning to our screens in Queer Eye season 7, Netflix officially confirmed on Wednesday, April 12.

Published: May 4th, 2023 1:48 am | Updated: May 5, 2023 1:48 am

On Wednesday, Netflix officially announced that Queer Eye Season 7 is set to release on May 12.

Finally, in 2023, Queer Eye will release its seventh season. As Netflix initially revealed, the following season’s debut will occur on Friday, May 12. It will take place in next Orleans.

For season seven, the entire ensemble of the Fab Five Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France returns. This time, they’ll be “from beignets to ben-says,” giving the people of New Orleans a new beginning with some queer shine.

When will Queer Eye season 7 be available?

Queer Eye Season 7

The Fab Five are returning to our screens in Queer Eye season 7, Netflix officially confirmed on Wednesday, April 12.

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How many seasons of Queer Eye are there, and where can I watch Season 7?

Queer Eye Season 7

On Netflix, Queer Eye has seven seasons that are considered legitimate. The original series we fell in love with back in 2018 had six seasons.

The first four seasons of the show each feature eight episodes, with seasons five and six having a total of ten each. There will be seven episodes in the most recent season.

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Review and Explanation Of The Queer Eye Season 7 Trailer

In the two-minute clip, the Fab Five’s outgoing personality can be seen influencing everyone they come in contact with.

The emotional rollercoaster of each episode is well captured in the teaser, from the first host screaming at the sight of a dirty look to the last life-changing disclosure. The Fab Five will transform a frat house this season, which they haven’t done before.

The Fab Five are Tan France, Karamo, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness, and each of them specializes in assisting individuals with a different area of self-care, such as how you look and feel, how you treat yourself, and the environment you surround yourself in.

As a result, many people’s lives are irrevocably changed by the Fab Five, who not only do spectacular makeovers but also enable many of them to finally express themselves fully for the first time. 

As the group enables people to alter their perspectives of themselves and regain their confidence and love of themselves, the show becomes quite emotional.

The Fab Five work on various weekly tasks to assist their visitor. Each team member concentrates on a mission that will ultimately be most beneficial to the person. As a result, the organization is prepared to improve the lives of seven NOLA residents.

In the first scene of the video, Van Ness is screaming his head off at the state of the house when visiting a frat house.

The teaser shows snippets from later episodes, including a montage of makeovers, tons of fun antics with the squad, and heartfelt exchanges with Brown that will have you sobbing on your couch.

Van Ness also talks about performing one of the most significant makeovers in Queer Eye history.