Top 10 Series Similar To Queenmaker!!!

Oh Jin-Seok and Moon Ji-young are the creators of the South Korean political drama series “Queenmaker” (originally titled “Kwinmeikeo) on Netflix.

It centers on two strong women named Hwang Do-hee and Oh Seung-sook, who work together to accomplish a goal greater than themselves.

The South Korean political drama follows the tense story of politics, drama, and mind games when human rights lawyer Kyung Sook chooses to run for mayor after fighting against the Eunsung Group.

Despite having divergent ideologies, the two women collaborate to prevent the Eunsung Group’s official recognition in the country.

The enthralling story takes unexpected turns at every turn and effortlessly manages to hold the audience’s attention throughout the entirety of the show.

If the drama and politics of “Queenmaker” appeal to you as much as they did to us, here is a list of television shows that are similar to it. A number of these programs, including “Queenmaker,” are streamable on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

Top 10 Series Similar To Queenmaker!!!

The list of top 10 series which are similar to the South Korean drama series ‘Queenmaker’ includes the following:

1. The Plot Against America (2020)

The Plot Against America

Ed Burns‘ miniseries offers an alternate historical perspective on the life of a Jewish working-class family in Newark, New Jersey, as they contend with the growing threat of antisemitism and xenophobia in the United States.

The story follows the lives of the family as they deal with the challenges posed by antisemitism and xenophobia in the United States.

This political period play will undoubtedly be just as enjoyable for viewers who enjoyed the enormity of the topic in “Queenmaker.”

2. Designated Survivor (2016-2019)

Designated Survivor
The New York Times

David Guggenheim is the creator of the American political thriller drama television series Designated Survivor. It had three seasons, the first two airing on ABC and the third and final one exclusive on Netflix.

Similar to the “Queenmaker,” the David Guggenheim production takes unexpected turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The series adds numerous plot twists by hiding facts and conducting investigations around every corner.

3. Madam Secretary (2014-2019)

Madam Secretary

The life of Elizabeth McCord, a former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who was later promoted to the position of Secretary of State of the United States, is chronicled throughout this series.

The maverick is followed throughout the series as she navigates office politics and personal issues while simultaneously directing global diplomacy.

The show’s suspenseful plot and relativistic portrayals of its characters keep viewers interested. Political drama fans who enjoyed “Queenmaker” for its realism will likely enjoy “Madam Secretary.”

4. Glitch (2022)


Glitch is a South Korean streaming television series that debuted in 2022 and was written and directed by Roh Deok. Gin Han-sai was the show’s creator.

It depicts the tale of a young woman who uses a UFO-watching group to try to find her missing partner and features Jeon Yeo-been and Nana. The program premiered on Netflix on October 7, 2022.

5. The First Lady (2022)

The First Lady
The Guardian

Aaron Cooley is the mind behind the American anthology drama television series The First Lady, which made its debut on Showtime on April 17, 2022. Cooley also served as the show’s executive producer.

The show got mixed reviews, with acclaim for Pfeiffer and Anderson’s acting as well as the themes, costumes, and set design but criticism for its pacing, plot, and Davis’s performance.

The show ended in August 2022 after one season. The First Lady” focuses on women and depicts the resulting political upheaval, similar to “The Queenmaker,” which was also developed by Aaron Cooley.

6. House Of Cards (2013-2018)

House Of Cards

The show follows the lives of Frank Underwood, a politician without morality, and his aspiring wife, Claire Underwood, to examine the merciless deception and lying required to acquire power and a place in politics.

The story’s central conflict, which astounds audiences, centers on a narrative of vengeance, entertainment, and politics.

The same-titled Michael Dobbs novel from 1989 served as the inspiration for the Beau Willimon television series. ‘House of Cards‘ will undoubtedly be as fascinating for viewers who thought ‘Queenmaker’ to be appallingly real.

7. The Good Wife (2009 – 2016)

The Good Wife
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Alicia Florrick, a wife and mother, is at the center of the plot of The Good Wife, a television series produced by Michelle King and Robert King.

After finding that her husband has been imprisoned for public sex and corruption, Alicia Florrick decides to take full responsibility for her family. Despite not being primarily about politics, the series examines political aspirations.

However, “The Good Wife” and “Queenmakers” share the same elements of attorneys, infidelity, and dramatic politics. ‘The Good Wife’ would undoubtedly be enjoyed by viewers who like the gory power battle that focuses on women.

8. The Politician (2019- Present)

The Politician

In “The Politician,” Payton Hobard is a young kid whose desire to lead the United States of America has driven him to make moral choices ever since he was seven years old.

However, Payton will find it just as tough to deal with the most contentious political war that the high school has ever seen.

The intriguing ideas of latency and logroller in “Queenmaker” will definitely appeal to viewers of “The Politician.”

9. Scandal (2012-2018)


Olivia Pope, a former public relations expert for the White House who now finds herself involved in political affairs, serves as the protagonist of this television drama that was developed by Shonda Rhimes.

The show explores the fascinating yet ambiguous morals of persons in positions of authority. Scandal continues to be one of the best-crafted television shows.

The drama and developing events in “Scandal” will definitely be just as captivating for viewers who loved “Queenmaker”‘s drama.

10. Call It Love (2023)

Call It Love

The main protagonists of the 2023 South Korean television drama Call It Love is Lee Sung-Kyung and Kim Young-Kwang.

In this romantic melodrama, a woman’s life takes a turn for the worse as she finds out about her father’s extramarital affair and falls in love with the son of his mistress.

It was first made available on Disney+ in some territories on February 22, 2023.