Oh Belinda Ending Explained: Did Dilara Manage To Re-start Her Acting Career?

Oh Belinda is the newest Turkish film to join the collection of films available on Netflix. On Friday, April 7, 2023, the offbeat comedy-drama film made its debut for the first time ever exclusively on the streaming giant.

This new film, starring Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul Doulu, centers on Dilara Basaran, a young and rising theater actress.

Deniz Yorulmazer was the director, and Hakan Bonomo wrote the script. The newly released Netflix movie is produced by Onur Guvenatam.

In addition to Doulu, the film’s primary cast members include, amongst others, Necip Memili in the role of Necati and Serkan Ayoglu in the role of Serkan.

The movie has attracted a lot of interest from fans ever since it became accessible on the streaming site because of its original plot and surprisingly happy ending. Therefore, without further ado, let’s find out how Netflix’s Oh Belinda’s conclusion turned out.

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Oh Belinda Ending Explained: Did Dilara Manage To Re-start Her Acting Career?

Oh Belinda
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After completely immersing herself in the role of Handan for the purpose of a commercial for Belinda shampoo, Dilara, the protagonist of the film, finds herself taken into the fantastical world of Handan.

At one point in the movie, Dilara was shampooing in front of the cameras for the commercial when all of a sudden, she found herself in Handan’s bathroom, the character she was portraying in the commercial.

She went into a frenzy when she discovered what had happened since she couldn’t believe her life had been flipped upside down. Her entire effort to advance her acting profession vanished in a fraction of a second.

Even Serkan, her boyfriend, didn’t know who she was; neither did her friends or coworkers. Dilara, on the other hand, was married to Necati and had a son and a daughter, just like the Handan character.

Dilara struggled to persuade everybody around her that she was an actress in real life since she couldn’t accept the situation. Yet, because nothing worked, she was placed in a mental health facility.

She encountered an unidentified elderly woman in the hospital who encouraged her to continue in the role.

Following her suggestion, Dilara went to an audition for a part in the play she had previously performed in as the principal actor. She announced to everyone that she was an actress by the name of Dilara Basaran.

Despite the fact that nobody recognized her, she managed to dazzle everyone—including the director—with her amazing acting talent, and as a result, she was cast in the role of the leading character’s sister.

She was finally able to feel some relief and began doing a really good job of balancing her work life and her family life. Nevertheless, on the day of the show, it was revealed to the general audience that she was not an actress but rather Handan, an employee of the bank.

In spite of her pleading, the director of the show ultimately decided to let another actor take over the role she had been playing in the play. As a result, in the world of the fantasy novel, Dilara was not successful in launching her acting career from the very beginning as Handan.

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Did Dilara Come Back To Her Real Life At The End Of The Movie?

Oh Belinda

After being dismissed from her job at the theater company, Dilara’s emotional state reaches a breaking point near the end of the movie Oh Belinda.

She was utterly brokenhearted and lost all motivation to carry on with Handan’s start-making life. She made the decision to commit suicide as a result and proceeded to the rooftop of the theater hall to jump from there.

When she was on the verge of jumping, it started raining heavily, and Dilara, for some reason, regained the will to live and let go of all the sorrow she had been keeping inside her.

She began dancing as the main character of the show even though it was raining. She closed her eyes as she sat on the roof after the performance and exhaled a breath of relaxation.

Dilara saw that she was in the exact same position as in the shampoo commercial as she opened her eyes. As soon as the commercial’s director shouted “Cut,” it became clear that she was back in real life.

She was Dilara Başaran once more, the rising actress. She had the impression that everything had been one long nightmare.

However, the conclusion of “Oh Belinda” reveals that all that we see with regard to the life of Handan is actually part of Dilara’s own imagination. This is due to the fact that the skilled actress fabricated an entire reality in order to incorporate herself into and play the character appropriately.