Tom Holland And Zendaya Left Mumbai While Keeping Hand In Hand!

Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen leaving Mumbai after spending a great time at Mumbai Gala 2023. Some events related to the entertainment industry or fashion in general are always highlighted.

And that’s the reason why we have seen many coming events or new one in the line that has created many headlines related to it.

Among them is the Mumbai Gala 2023 which was related to the culture of India as well as fashion. Whether it is related to Bollywood actors or the Hollywood, many presence are listed.

Talking about this presence then Tom Holland and Zendaya were one of the highlighted ones. And that’s the reason why whether it is related to their coming into the city or leaving the city also became the talk of the town.

After enjoying Mumbai Gala 2023, the couple were seen leaving the city while walking hand in hand. For this look, both were seen in casual attire while heading toward the Mumbai airport.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Tom Holland and Zendaya from the Airport.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland was seen wearing a blue t-shirt for the day while the actress was wearing white. They also attended the second day of this culture together and then decided to leave the city. Coming to the main day which happened on 1 April 2023 then they both have chosen very different attire.

Tom Holland was seen in and black and white tuxedo which is very formal and common. But when it comes to Zendaya then she decided to blend in the tradition as well as a bit of Western.

And that’s the reason why the actress decided to go with a blue saree having many sparkles. She was seen in on-the-point makeup while her style was up in a bun.

They both were also seen enjoying the function inside the cultural art gallery where Zendaya was appreciating many fashions and dresses available in the gallery. She was followed by Tom Holland who was also doing the same.

When it comes to their visit to India or Mumbai for the first time then it was great as Tom Holland himself confessed through Instagram posts.

He thanked the Mumbai Gala 2023 for this amazing event and amazing memories. The actor has also uploaded a picture with Anil Ambani, the one who organised the event.