The Voice 2023 Judges: Who Left the Show!

The Voice 2023 is right now in talks related to its judging panel and its contestant. There is a lot of reality shows that became the talk of the town because of the winners they give and the procedure they keep with.

But apart from it also become famous because of the judging panel they have as the best judge can give the best contestant which directly means the best entertainment.

Talking about one such reality show then Western entertainment has given us some amazing faces to the world of entertainment in general.

The Voice is one such reality show which always remains in the talk because of its contestant and the judges. The bonding between judges can be seen easily with some humor or some fighting.

Talking about the judging panel then some faces left this reality show while some joined. Talking about the one who has joined then Chance The Rapper and Niall Horan became new ones in the category. And when it comes to those who left then here are the names:

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Know The Names Of The Voices 2023 Judges Who Left The Show!

1) Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani
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Gwen Stefani was considered to be one of the best judges who has given her great appearance in multiple Seasons. She started with season 7 and then continued in seasons 9, 12, 17, 19, and then 22.

But when it comes to this season then we are not going to see her for the judging panel.

2) John Legend

John Legend
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The next one is John Legend who became the part-time advisor for season 12 and later on came as a coach in season 16.

He continued his journey from season 16 and ended it in season 22. Fans are quite disappointed and want him back for the next season.

3) Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello

The next one in the line is Camila Cabello who became a part-time advisor for season 21. She later came as a coach for season 22 and has given some amazing contestants to the show.

She was considered to be one of the most famous judges to be on The Voice however we are not going to see her again this coming season.