Paris Hilton’s Relationship Timeline: From First Engagement to Pregnancy!

Paris Hilton is recently in the news related to her being the mother so here are every detail of her romance and history with her…

Published: January 27th, 2023 5:03 am | Updated: January 27, 2023 5:03 am

Paris Hilton is recently in the news related to her being the mother so here are every detail of her romance and history with her husband Carter Reum.

We have seen as soon as celebrities move on to a new relationship then all the highlights of their previous relationship are down. They suddenly gain many headlines related to their current relationship and things about pregnancy and marriage sparkle almost every month.

The same has happened with many celebrities in Hollywood who are right now dealing with such things, especially after revealing their pregnancy.

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Paris Hilton and Carter Reum

Paris Hilton
Los Angeles Times

It was recently when 40-year-old model Paris Hilton welcomed her first-ever child with her husband Carter Reum. She is very excited and happy to start this journey in her life. So here is every detail related to her romance and relationship as she has shared 2 decades in this pop culture.

She started her career in the late 90s and has gained all the attention since then. When her relationship started being the highlight then many ups and downs, the settlement came her way till the time Carter Reum arrived.

She has formed many bonds in her life but when it comes to settling down then it happened in 2021. She as welcomed a daughter via surrogacy on 24 January 2023.

Rick Salomon

Rick Salomon

At the beginning of their career, Paris Hilton gained a lot of attention because of her relationship with Rick Salomon.

Because of all this coverage, her s*x tape was also got revealed in 2003 which resulted in many trust issues. She has spoken about this experience in her documentary that was released in 2020.

Jashon Saw

Jashon Saw
Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The first ever time Paris Hilton got engaged was with the model Jashon Saw. The couple got engaged in 2002 and again created headlines in 2010 by coming back together. Even after breaking up, they are still friends and respect each other.

Nick Carter

Nick Carter
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The next relationship she decided to come into was with Nick Carter. It was one of her high-profile relationships that remained just for 7 months in 2004.

Apart from all these big names, she has gained a lot way more attention from other celebrities. However, the real settlement came in her life in 2019 with Carter Reum.

The couple came publicly in 2020 and later got married in 2021. Soon they decided to start a family and that’s what happened in 2023 January when Paris announced being a mother.