Pete Davidson Was Seen Kissing Chase Sui, Amid Dating Rumors!

Pete Davidson was seen kissing Chase Sui in new photos that came from a Hawaii vacation. We have seen many celebrities enjoying a particular time…

Published: January 27th, 2023 4:30 am | Updated: January 27, 2023 4:30 am

Pete Davidson was seen kissing Chase Sui in new photos that came from a Hawaii vacation. We have seen many celebrities enjoying a particular time with their partner or family.

And if this time gets highlighted in news then it is not a new thing. We have seen many Hollywood celebrities coming under the news because of these things as they were spotted on a vacation.

Sometimes it is related to the beach while other times it is a mountain area or just a normal plain. If we talk about such things then we have recently spotted many celebrities giving strong dating rumours by being on vacation together.

Something like this has recently happened with Pete Davidson and Chase Sui as they were spotted kissing each other which is sparkling many dating rumors. It was during their vacation in Hawaii in this particular week.

They both were photographed while being together in the tropical Paradise full of green vegetation. At one point in time, the comedian was seen wrapping his arm around the actress that was a romantic moment.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Pete Davidson and Chase Sui from their Hawaii Vacation.

Pete Davidson

When it comes to the actress Chase Sui then she was also seen wrapping her hands around Pete Davidson while sharing a passionate kiss. It was not just a kiss of one time but they were seen kissing each other quite of few times. It seems like they were openly related to their affection.

While they were focusing on each other, they decided to also focus on the coastline area while enjoying it hand in hand. They were also seen smiling and laughing in their particular private conversation.

When it comes to the confirmation then none of them has yet confirmed or given any kind of signal. However, the recent outing proves that it is way more than friendship.

They have just started to know each other however, the connection they feel is quite strong. They were seen being together several times in New York.

Before getting linked with Chase Sui, Pete Davidson was with Emily Ratajkowski quite a few times. They have shared almost a month of relationship in which they were seen going publicly.

However, they have never confirmed this relationship and easily moved on after separation. Pete Davidson was also linked up with Kim Kardashian for 9 months and it was official.

At first, none of them confirmed anything till the time Kim Kardashian came official on Instagram and talk about it in many interviews. They have also given many public appearances together till the time everything changed.