Ireland Baldwin Is Expecting Her First Child with Her boyfriend RAC 

The model, 27, Ireland Baldwin captioned the picture on Instagram with “Happy New Year.” Ireland, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, posted the image beside her long-term partner André Allen Anjos.

Later on Saturday, Ireland Baldwin uploaded the pregnancy test on Instagram with the assurance, “It’s not a dog, haha,” to her followers.

Along with their little bundle of joy, the pair, who began dating in 2021, has numerous other joint endeavors, such as their Good Times business.

In August, Ireland said to TikTok users, “I run a company. I’m building a café, wine bar, and shop with my lover.

And together, we’re launching a brand. Being a foster rescue dog parent, working in adoption, and working with many fosters and rescues make up a significant portion of my life.

For quite some time, I have been planning and launching my rescue. I am a screenwriter, so before you ask, “What have you done?” I have done nothing. This is the most significant jigsaw piece.

“I simply chose this job route,” she concluded. I spent most of my younger years modeling, and just before COVID struck, I decided to pursue a career in screenwriting. Together with my closest buddy, I founded a production company.

We wrote movie and TV screenplays and worked on various commercial projects. Things are just starting for us, even though we have been working together for a few years. Everybody must begin somewhere! Ireland’s famous friends complimented her right away.

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Here you can check out Ireland Baldwin’s post announcing her Pregnancy.

Rumer Willis responded, “Yay, can’t wait to meet you, little one,” when she revealed her pregnancy earlier this month. The recent New York Film Academy graduate continued by explaining that she lives in Oregon with Anjos, their six dogs, and her job.

Congrats, Omg!” Caroline D’Amore wrote, and Francesca Scorsese added, “Omg! I’m ecstatic for you! Best wishes, wowowowowow! Such a fantastic way to round out the year.

According to the pregnancy announcement, only three months have passed since stepmother Hilaria Baldwin delivered her seventh child with Alec, 64.

The 30 Rock actor married Hilaria, 38, and welcomed Carmen, 9; Rafael, 7; Leonardo, 6; Romeo, 4; Eduardo, 2; Lucia, 22 months; and Ilaria, three months after giving birth to Ireland with Basinger, whom he wed in 1992 and divorced in 2002.

When the Beetlejuice actor and Hilaria revealed they were expecting their seventh child together, his eighth in April, Ireland defended him.

The Los Angeles resident at the time stated in a lengthy Instagram post, “I receive innumerable messages from individuals that are sort of dangerously fascinated with my father and his family. “I believe that many people assume that I have an opinion on any of this, so I’ll give you one for free; it’s none of my business.