Is Cher Engaged with Boyfriend Alexander Edwards? As she showed off Diamond Ring?

The 76-year-old Cher has spread the rumors of being engaged to her 36-year-old boyfriend Alexander Edwards.

We have seen a lot of celebrities couple together being happy and lovely. And that’s the reason why the age gap has just become a number for them. Whether it is related to spending time with each other or taking a step from getting engaged to getting married, the thing becomes amazing and highlighted.

Talking about any rumors that have taken up to this level then Cher was seen having a stunning diamond ring while spreading the rumors of being engaged.

The question of whether Cher is engaged or not arrived when she was seen with a diamond ring which was a gift from her boyfriend Alexander Edwards. She has taken to social media while share a photo of her sparkling diamond ring and has written very few words in the caption that created rumors.

As soon as she uploaded the picture, a lot of fans started coming and wondering whether she is engaged or not. People have appreciated the diamond ring but at the same time, they still suspect whether it is just a normal gift or a hint of taking their relationship further.

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Is Cher Engaged with Boyfriend Alexander Edwards?

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It was just a few days ago when the singer and her boyfriend talked about getting married. According to the source, the singer is head over heels as she is really in love. She is aware of not having too much time to find real love but at the same time, she feels like she did.

After having two failed marriages and several failed relationships, she feels like this is the last chance she is going to have. And that’s the reason why she doesn’t want to pass it.

But at the same time source has confirmed that their friends of Cher are worried. It’s because of the age gap of 40 years that falls into the relationship. But when it comes to the singer herself then she is confident about it.

The couple were spreading rumors since they both met at Paris Fashion Week in September. Cher has rocked the Paris Fashion Week and came home with a new romance. The couple is really hot and heavy in real life and they try to spend as much as time they can. She has always appreciated his kindness and his talent.

Coming from her previous relationship then Cher got married in 1964 with Sonny and got separated in 1975. She was, later on, got married in 1975 to Gregg but the couple again got separated in 1979.

Apart from her married life, she was linked with Amber Rose however they decided to separate in August 2021 after admitting to cheating. This cheating was done on Cher because of 12 different women with whom Amber was involved.