North West Pranks Her Mother Kim Kardashian With Shaved Eyebrow!

The 9-year-old North West has pranked her mother Kim Kardashian by shaving her eyebrows. A lot of celebrity kids are way far from their parents in terms of many things.

Whether it is related to fashion or some talents like drawing or singing they always try to jump in the footstep of their parents but at the same time carry a uniqueness. Whether it is related to their sweet moment or their pranks everything is appreciated by fans as these kids have become the star of social media.

Something like this happened with the North West 9-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian who drew attention through her prank done on her mother.

North Wroth again came with the silly video on Tik Tok which was shared on 18 December 2022. She has proved that her prank video is the best of all the videos she has uploaded. In the caption, she has written about the eyebrows filter which was used in the video as a prank.

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Here you can check out Kim Kardashian’s response after North West Pulled a Prank on her.

North West
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Coming to the video then it was related to the eyebrows shaving prank that was done on her mother. It was not an eyebrow-shaving thing but a filter that was created for that look. When it comes to the reaction of her mother then she was not at all amused by it as she has been used to all the pranks done by her 9-year-old kid.

Kim Kardashian was sleeping when North West decided to do the prank. She has asked her mother to wake up so that she can easily see her shaved eyebrows. In reply to it, the mother said that it is not at all funny. One of her admirers has written that this is the best prank video she has uploaded while others appreciated her way of doing it.

Sunday has become a day for mother and daughter for Tik Tok videos posted on social media. It was just a few days ago when Kim Kardashian and North were seen dancing in the video. Sometimes it is related to the makeup of North while other times it is just a fun video for the fans.

Coming to Kim Kardashian then she has recently looked back on the year 2022. The reality star was seen in a bikini look while looking back to the year which has taught her a lot of things.

2022 was filled with ending some relationships and starting some new ones. She has finalized her divorce which she wanted for a long time and started feeling love again with the help of Pete Davidson. However, the relationship lasted only nine months.