Brad Pitt Turned 59 And Celebrated It With Ines de Ramon!

Brad Pitt celebrated his 59th birthday with none other than his reported girlfriend Ines de Ramon. Birthdays are something that has remained a special part of life for people. It is nothing less than a festival that comes yearly and brings a lot of attention.

Whether it is related to celebrating it with thousands of people or just a loved one, it just remains a special day and memory for the rest of the year. The same happens with a lot of celebrities who try to celebrate their birthday with loved ones.

Among them is the famous actor of Hollywood called Brad Pitt who celebrated his 59th birthday with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon.

Brad Pitt is taking his relationship to the next level with his jewellery designer girlfriend named Ines de Ramon.

The actor reached 59 on 19 December 2022 while celebrating his birthday in Hollywood. According to the photos, the actor was seen wearing a grey shirt with white shoes while matching it with the pants as he came out of the car with Ines de Ramon.

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Brad Pitt Celebrated His 59th Birthday With Girlfriend Ines de Ramon.

Brad Pitt

When it comes to the jewellery designer then she was also looking beautiful as ever while wearing an overcoat with white fur. This view came after a source confirmed that they both are dating and very serious in the relationship.

The source said that the couple is enjoying time with each other as they are still in the phase of knowing each other better.

The source said: “Brad is enjoying spending time with Ines and getting to know her better. It is still new, but they are seeing where things go and like each other. They are having a good time together.”

The same source has said that the couple is now dating for almost a month or maybe more than that after Ines de Ramon got separated from Paul in 2022.

They met through a mutual friend and she gained the attention of Brad Pitt as she was very nice. Another source revealed that the couple have recently started dating but it is not an exclusive relationship.

Ines de Ramon gives a fun and energetic environment around the actor as she has a great personality. And that’s the reason why the actor is loving to spend time with her.

Brad Pitt was previously married to Angelina Jolie with whom he has six children but right now, engaged in a divorce dispute which has generated a lot of tension among them. According to some sources they are not on good terms of seeing each other.