Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 22 Release Date, Time, and Every Detail You Need to Know!

We saw the introduction of another Clever spy, Nightfall, in the last episode. She also works in the hospital alongside Loid as Fiona Frost and is known for being icy and harsh. If you’re a fan of the Spy x Family series and are looking forward to episode 22, we’ve got you covered with all the details from the upcoming episode.

Release Date of Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 22

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 22

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 22 Underground Tennis Tournament: The Campbellton will premiere on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at 11 p.m. JST. As a result, the episode’s release date and timing will differ across different time zones.

In the United States, the episode will be accessible only on Crunchyroll. And meanwhile, Asian fans may watch the episode on the Muse Asia YouTube channel.

What to expect from Spy X Family season 2 episode 22

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 22

Spy X Family episode 22 will follow the Campbellton Tennis Arc, with Twilight and Nightfall working together.

They’ve been assigned a task together, and Nightfall will try to use this opportunity to get some brownie points with Twilight to win him over.

Twilight and Nightfall appear to be disguised as a couple as they prepare to play tennis against what appears to be a gang of goons. Since playing tennis is something other than what the WISE agents do regularly, this might be a complex problem.

Elsewhere, Yor will question her place in the Forger family since she suspects Loid has a lover in the hospital, most likely Fiona Frost.

Where can I watch Spy X Family season 2, episode 22, online?

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 22

Spy X Family episode 22 will air on TV Tokyo, TV Shizouka, and other Japanese television networks. In addition, the episode is available to international viewers through Crunchyroll, while South and South-East Asia viewers may watch it on the Muse Asia YouTube channel.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Bili Bili, and iQIYI are among the other streaming providers for the anime series.

Spy X Family season 2 episode 21 recap

Nightfall attempted to remove Yor from the Forger family in Spy X Family episode 21, titled Nightfall/First Fit of Jealousy since she intended to replace her. She had long been in love with Twilight and imagined herself as his ideal partner.

However, after reading Nighfall’s mind, Anya devised the ideal countermeasures to guarantee her mother’s status in the family.

Bond pulls apart Anya’s penguin plush toy in the second half of the episode, showing his jealousy. This produced friction between Anya and Bond, which was only eased after Twilight repaired the toy, and Bond apologized to Anya by providing peanuts.