Matt Rife Reacts to Reports That Pete Davidson Bailed on Opening Act Gig for NYC Shows!

Matthew Steven Rife popularly known as Matt Rife was born on the 10th of September in 1995, is a very well-known and famous American actor and comedian.

He is best known for his comedy shows he produced the comedy series Only Fans back in the year 2021, Matthew Steven Rife in 2023, and Walking Red Flag in the year 2023. He has starred on Netflix’s special Natural Selection series and also in the rap show Wild and Out.

On the other hand, Peter Michael Davidson popularly known as Pete Davidson was born on the 16th of November in 1993 and is also an American actor, writer, and comedian.

He first started his career as a comedian back in 2013 before that he worked as a cast member on the NBC comedy series, Saturday Night Live for straight eight seasons from 2014 to 2022.

Davidson started his career in the early days of 2010 by appearing as a guest on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friends of the People, Wild and Out. He has also released specials of comedy Pete Davidson SMD in 2016 and Pete Davidson Alive from New York in 2020.

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Here Is What Matt Rife Says About Pete Davidson Bailling an Opening Act Gig for NYC Shows!

Matt Rife
The News International

Some news is spreading in the town like fire that is related to the joint shows of Matt Rife and Pete Davidson. As Matt Rife Radio City is originally supposed to feature Pete Davidson in a surprise opening but later on rumors spread that Davidson just got bailed out two hours before that leaving Rife’s team with a choice just to wait and struggle patiently.

Later when Rife got to know about the news, he took his social media account to share some changes in the schedule, Rife clarified the whole situation to everyone with a sense of humor he said that maybe people made this confusion but my friend Pete was maybe be about to come on my Radio City shows.

However, according to Rife the commitment with Pete was never made and he has never said that Pete is going to be part of his show or his team’s promise so these all are possibilities, there is no last-minute ditch everything has been made clear to everyone.