The Crown Season 5 First Look Of Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, and Many Other Characters!

The Crown Season 5 character poster is released on 18th October 2022. There are a lot of series and films that have released their first look with be coming release. Whether it is related to the posters or the first look or even the teaser, everything is getting loved by fans. Some of them are renewals of the older ones, while others are coming with new joys with the first season.

However, talking about the renewal then The Crown Season 5 has recently released some new pictures that reveal the faces of actors in their respective characters.

The Crown season 5 will be released very soon and it is now Netflix has released the posters of the actors with their respective characters. The series is about many ups and lows of the Royal family that happened in 1990. Coming to the release then it will release on 9 November 2022.

The most anticipated one was of Elizabeth Debicki who is playing the role of Princess Diana and Jonathan Pryce who would be there as Prince Philip.

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The Crown Season 5 Poster

The official poster of The Crown Season 5 was released on 17 October 2022. In the pictures, we have seen Queen Elizabeth standing between Princess Diana and Charles. It has got the tagline A House Divided that is indicating about how the royal family and the house got divided.

There would be some similarities between The Crown season 5 and season 3 when it comes to the casting. Some roles of the royal family got cast back again. Imelda Staunton would be there as Queen Elizabeth II by taking the position of Olivia.

According to the actress: “I’m following two extraordinary actresses, but I’m also following one extraordinary human being, which is the Queen. Because she’s so much in a lot of our lives and we know how she looks and how she sounds.

She continued and said: “Of course, I have to be like her as much as I can, but also I have to tell a story and a story of the day, whatever that is. Peter Morgan’s job is to do her backstage life if you like – that’s where his writing comes in, and it’s so extraordinary.

Coming to Princess Diana then Elizabeth Debicki would be there replacing Emma Corrin. According to the words of Elizabeth, it is almost a dream role for her. She continued and said Princess Diana was such a remarkable human being and still lives in many hearts. So that’s why she is terrified as well as excited about the same thing.