Manifest Season 4: The Final Season and When It Is Coming

Manifest Season 4 is all set to amaze you with its season 4, and hope you’ll be able to find all the answers you are seeking for.

The final season of the supernatural drama ‘Manifest’ is almost ready to be streamed with shock, emotion, and most importantly all the answers worthy of a finale.

And it is more important for the fans as Manifest Season 4 was once thought never to become as NBC canceled it after the third season. But just before it was canceled, the show was added to Netflix and it was found to be topping the viewing list of Netflix immediately. This led Netflix to renew another season.

Main Plotline of Manifest:

Manifest Season 4
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At the center of the plot is the doomed Montego Air Flight 828 which from Jamaica is traveling to New York City.

The passengers experience a short period of severe turbulence on the way but reached Stewart International Airport nevertheless. But when those 191 passengers along with the crew land, they learn that more than five and a half years have passed since they took flight.

All of them have been presumed dead by now. While trying to rejoin society, they discover that the lives and people they left there, are not the same. Meanwhile, they also begin to hear voices and see visions as guides of future events which are referred to as “callings”.

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What will happen in Manifest Season 4:

Manifest Season 4
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The last season will grant the ultimatum for the Stone family. Two years have passed since Grace Stone was murdered brutally and the family, especially her husband Ben Stone are still in shambles.

In the grief of his dead wife and to search for Eden, their kidnapped daughter, Ben steps down as the lifeboat’s co-captain which leaves Michaela, Ben’s sister, the sole captain. But now every move of the passengers is being monitored by the government registry.

Among the passengers, now desperate for a way of survive as the Death Date approaches, a mysterious new passenger arrives who has a package to give to Cal, Ben’s son. This new happening seems to be altering all the knowledge about Flight 828 and a key to the secrets of the Callings.

With all these going on, the love triangle among Michaela, Jared Vasquez, and Zeke Landon still play along as confirmed by Melissa Roxburgh who plays Michaela Stone.

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The Cast Members 

Manifest Season 4

Most of the main cast members of the series will return for its final take though Athena Karkanis who played Grace Stone will not be returning as her character died in the last season and Jack Messina who played young Cal Stone will be replaced by Ty Doran for the time jump of two years.

Melissa Roxburgh who is known for starring in ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, ‘Star Trek Beyond, and ‘The Marine 4: Moving Target’, will reprise her role as Michaela Stone.

Josh Dallas’ Ben Stone will return as well for the final season. Dallas is an American actor whose most recognized role is in ABC’s fantasy adventure series ‘Once Upon a Time as Prince Charming aka David Nolan.

The role of Jared Vasquez will be reprised by Cuban American actor J. R. Ramirez who has previously acted in the series ‘Power’ as Julio, in ‘Jessica Jones as Oscar Arocho, and in ‘Arrow‘ as Ted Grant aka Wildcat.

Ben’s elder daughter Olive Stone will be played by American singer and actress Luna Blaise again in this season. She previously played the role of Nicole in the American sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ from 2015 to 2018.

Another passenger of Flight 828, medical researcher and doctor Saanvi Bahl will be played again by Canadian actress Parveen Kaur. She previously appeared in the series ‘The Strain’, ‘Saving Hope’, ‘Workin’ Moms’, and ‘Beyond’ and in the films ‘White Night’, ‘Through Black Spruce’, and ‘American Hangman’.

American actor Matt Long will reprise his role as Zeke Landon. He also starred in the series ‘Jack & Bobby’, ‘The Deep End’, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Lucky 7’, ‘Helix’, ‘Private Practice’, ‘Graves’ and in the films Ghost Rider’, ‘Sydney White’, and ‘Homecoming’.

Angelina Meyer is another passenger whose role will be reprised by Holly Taylor in the final season.

The character of Robert Vance will be reprised by American actor Daryl Edwards who has also appeared in ‘The Politician’, ‘The Americans’, ‘Daredevil‘, ‘Chicago Justice’, ‘Glued’ etc.

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Manifest Season 4 Release Date

Manifest Season 4
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On 28th August (8/28 hinting at Flight 828) Netflix announced that the first part of the final season can be expected in early November.

Later on September 24, Netflix released a trailer for Season 4 as part of their Tudum event. The first part of Season 4 is now set to release on November 4, 2022.