Bedazzled Co-Stars Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley Reunite After 22 Years

It had been twenty years since the last time we saw one other! On October 11, Brendan Fraser, who has been receiving a lot of attention for his sensitive performance in The Whale, which is frequently referred to as his victorious return role, reconnected with a very special co-star. The part in The Whale was generally referred to as his triumphant comeback role.

At a special screening of his movie held at The Ham Yard Hotel in London, England, Brendan Fraser, and his former co-star Elizabeth Hurley posed for an epic portrait together. The event took place in England.

The two actors first shared the spotlight in the fantasy comedy Bedazzled, which was released in the year 2000. In that film, Fraser’s character struck a bargain with Hurley’s interpretation of the devil.

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Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley Reunite After 22 Years for an Epic Picture.

Brendan Fraser

The star of The Royals, who attended the event with her son Damian Hurley, who is now 20 years old and looks exactly like him, wore a low-cut purple pattern dress, while Fraser, who was the star of the evening, wore a blue dress shirt with a grayish blue blazer and matching slacks. Damian Hurley is now 20 years old and looks exactly like his mother.

Even Hurley reflected on the get-together on Instagram, stating in the caption, “What a treat it was to get up with my old friend Brendan Fraser and take in his outstanding new film, @thewhalemov.

Brendan is really one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The filming of Bedazzled, which took place a scant 22 years ago, is one of the most memorable experiences of my life. His performance in The Whale is outstanding.”

The moving statement was accompanied by a couple of photographs from their film as throwbacks, as well as the most current shot of their warm and fuzzy reunion.

“22 years ago to the day! One viewer said that it seemed like just yesterday that this film was made available to the public, while another said that they “loved that movie” and that it was “wonderful to see Brendan back in action, he is the greatest.”