Brendan Fraser to Star In Rental Family!

Brendan Fraser is all set for his comeback.

Brendan Fraser is quite excited and all set for his comeback to Hollywood again with a very new comedy series ‘Rental Family’.

He is all ready to be cast for his upcoming movie, the film typically portrays Fraser as a single head father who attempts to provide everything to his son with a stable and caring family following which he rents out a family on Christmas.

As Fraser was been away from the big screen m, currently not acting in any movies or serials, it is very hopeful to see him acting in Rental Family which will surely spark new chapters for him ahead.

Saying about this film, the film is produced by Amblin Entertainment which is the same one that initially produced Fraser’s mega hits ‘The Mummy’ as well as ‘George of the Jungle’.

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All About Brendan Fraser Starrer Rental Family!

Brendan Fraser

In this film ‘Rental Family’ as the name suggests very much about it, Fraser will be seen playing the role of Charlie typically a single strong yet struggling father, and when his song expresses some of his wishes it ends up Charlie renting out a family for Christmas for his son who wants to have a family like everyone have on the Christmas.

The family that Charlie selects to be a part of his family is composed of some unpredictable characters, each having a weird and unique personality of their own.

When Charlie spends time with them as a family he understands that it is not always about blood some bonds especially family beyond blood and has only one principle which is loving up to no extent.

This film surely creates and has an impact on the viewers encouraging their bond with whomever they call their family, embellishing their connections with the pinch of comedy, Fraser is known for his humor and his elegant charm his movie will surely connect with people emotionally as well.

Shooting of ‘Rental Family’ will start in early 2024 and will hit the floors at the time of Christmas. This film will surely melt hearts and many will get connected to it irrespective of their age group.