High School Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything you need to know

Now were are here to know about the latest coming-up series High School, where the first teaser trailer for this series has already been released recently by Amazon Freevee, the series is going to premiere in the month of October on the streamer.

This is based on the memoir of 2019 which has the same name by Indie pop duo Tegan and Sara Quin, High School revolves around the memories of the twin sisters, growing up in the 90s and searching for their own identities and this is the 8-episode drama series.

Railey and Seazynn Gilliland, the TikTok Stars are in this series “High School”, in the main lead role of series also there are the people like Esther Mcgregor, Amanda Fix, Brianne Tju, Olivia Rouyre,  Geena Meszaros and CJ Valleroy, Nate Corddry and also the special guests like Cobie Smulders and Kyle Bornheimer.

Clea DuVall, Sara Quinn, Tegan, Laura Kittrell, Dede Gardner from Plan B, Jeremy Kleiner, and Carina Sposato are the executive producers. The people who also serve as showrunners and also co-writers are DuVall and Kittrell, also DuVall directs lot more episodes. The production job was in hands of Amazon Studios and also Plan B Entertainment.

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Here is the Teaser and Release Date of the High School.

The release date for the series High School, when its initial four episodes are going to be released on Amazon Freevee on 14th of October 2022, the trailer during its portion of the TV Critics Assn was revealed by Freevee, press tour on Friday.

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The Cast Members

High School
Paste Magazine

Joshua Bassett playing Richard Bowen
Olivia Rodrigo playing Nina Salazar – Roberts, Nina
Matt Cornett playing E.J. Caswell
Sofia Wylie playing Gina Porter
Kate Reinders playing Miss Jenn
Frankie A. Rodriguez playing Carlos Rodriguez
Saylor Bell playing Maddox
Olivia Rose Keegan playing Lily
Julia Lester playing Ashlyn Caswell
Corbin Bleu playing Chad Danforth
Meg Donnelly playing Val
Dara Renee playing Kourtney
Joe Serafini playing Seb
Adrian Lyles is playing Jet
Larry Saperstein playing Big Red
Lucas Grabeel
Ashley Tisdale
Jason Earles playing Dewey Wood
Derek Hough playing Zack
Mark St. Cyr playing Mr. Benjamin Mazzara
Olesya Rulin
Nicole Sullivan playing Carol
Roman Banks playing Howie
Andrew Barth Feldman playing Lumiere
Alex Quijano playing Mike Bowen

All the information that you need to know about this “High School” debut season details.