Beyonce and Jay-Z arrive on a private plane while wearing an all-black ONESIE

Beyonce arrived in Los Angeles wearing a black sweatsuit and seemed as if she wasn’t bothered by the sweltering weather at all. The music superstar, who is 41 years old, flew into Los Angeles with her family on Monday, when the city was experiencing one of the hottest heatwaves on record.

Beyonce’s daughter Rumi, who is five years old, was in her arms as she went along the tarmac and out of the area. Beyonce’s demeanor, however, was as calm as a cucumber. She even did it while wearing a sweater draped over her waves of flowing hair as she traversed the scorching heat. She wore trendy turquoise green sneakers and sunglasses to hide her eyes as she casually walked down the sidewalk.

As per The SUN, The rap legend Jay-Z, her spouse, was also carrying a backpack and huge luggage when he walked out of the plane. Both of them were dressed in casual attire.  The rapper accessorized his look with a blue bucket hat, a grey T-shirt, and grey pants.

In addition to her parents, the couple’s oldest kid, Blue Ivy, emerged off the private plane wearing a chic pair of sunglasses wedged into her hair. As she down the stairs carrying a pink case in her hand, the little girl, ten years old, had her eyes fixed on the screen of her smartphone.

Beyonce and Jay-Z arrive on a private plane

Beyonce was seen strolling across the street without anything in her hands, but it wouldn’t be long until she had her hands full with her children.

While the 7/11 singer held her five-year-old daughter Rumi, Jay-Z looked after the couple’s other child, Sir. Rumi’s twin brother had to be carried out of the aircraft by the Empire State of Mind rapper.

Beyonce and Jay-Z arrive on a private plane -1

The arrival of Beyoncé’s plane in Los Angeles coincides with an extreme temperature wreaking havoc throughout Southern California. According to FOX 11, the temperature in Los Angeles was expected to reach 96 degrees Fahrenheit at its peak that day.

Additionally, it follows the publication of Renaissance, which is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter’s seventh studio album. Beyoncé’s full name is Beyoncé Giselle, Knowles Carter. She staged a star-studded release party for the project at the Edition hotel in Times Square in New York City to mark its completion.

The album Renaissance debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. This achievement made Renaissance the album with the most significant first-week sales from a female artist in 2018 and the album with the second-best first-week sales overall in 2018. Since her first solo album, 2003’s Dangerously in Love, all seven of Carter’s solo albums have debuted at number one on the respective album charts.

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