The South Korean comedian, Park Soo Hong was assaulted by his own father.

The South Korean comedian and presenter, Park Soo Hong was taken to hospital after being assaulted by his own father. Noh Jong Eon, Park Soo Hong’s attorney, stated on October 4 that Park Hong had been rushed to the emergency room after being assaulted and threatened by his father during cross-examination by the prosecution.

At the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office on October 4 at 10:00 AM KST, Park Hong was due to undergo a cross-examination alongside his brother, who had just been detained on suspicion of embezzlement.

Both Park Soo Hong’s father as well as brother were present. A spokesman for Soo Hong’s side claims that Park Soo Hong’s father repeatedly struck Soo Hong during the cross-examination while yelling ominous phrases like “I’ll k*ll you with a weapon” and other similar ones.

An ambulance and police officers were sent right away to the scene of the unforeseen assault in the prosecutor’s office. Then, Park Hong was taken by ambulance directly to the hospital. Although it is still unknown how severe the harm is.

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Park Soo Hong Health Update

Park Soo Hong

In early September, Soo Hong’s brother was detained on suspicion of stealing an estimated 11.6 billion won (about $8.1 million) from Soo Hong. Later in the month, the prosecution was given the case involving Mr. Park, and ever since, an investigation has been ongoing. At the cross-examination as witnesses were Soo Hong’s father, who was likewise only known by his last name Park, and his sister-in-law Ms. Lee.

K-netizens were left perplexed and shocked after hearing the news. They congregated in an online forum to voice their outrage and condemn Soo Hong’s family.

Some of the comments include, “I feel so bad for Soo Hong,” “What are the prosecutors doing when he was getting beat?” “Is Soo Hong not his son?” “Their whole family is deranged,” “They’re not his family.”

Park and Kim Won-hee co-hosted the 2004 MBC Entertainment Awards 2004. Together with announcer Lee Hye-Seung, he hosted the 41st Baeksang Arts Awards in 2005. Lee Yoo-ri, Namkoong Min, and Park co-hosted the 2017 KBS Drama Awards 2017. He co-hosted the 2018 Miss Korea pageant with Yura (Girl’s Day) 2018.


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