Gina Carano was fired because she didn’t march to the rhythm of Hollywood. They were chasing me down like a hound dog.

In “The Mandalorian” on Disney +, Gina Carano portrayed the character Cara Dune. In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Today on Fox Nation, actress and ex-MMA fighter Gina Carano highlighted her latest endeavours and shed light on the circumstances surrounding her dismissal from The Mandalorian.

Known for her role as Cara Dune in the Disney+ original series, Carano was set to take the helm of her own show for the service before she was fired for a series of controversial tweets about the coronavirus pandemic, voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and her refusal to specify her pronouns on Twitter.

When the actress compared the divisive climate in American politics to that of Nazi Germany, she became the focus of widespread internet criticism. At that time, she was unexpectedly dropped by her agency, lawyer-publicist, and employer. She felt like her entire career had been wiped out overnight.

Gina Carano was Fired From Hollywood:

Gina Carano

I was attempting to keep a low profile and not make waves; my plan was to work diligently, advance steadily in my career, enjoy every opportunity I was given, and one day be able to look back and say, “OK, I’m set.” Carano said, “I’m ready,” in today’s episode of Fox Nation, which you can see here.

I had my big break with ‘The Mandalorian,’ and then the world decided to crack its skull open.

Carano claimed that she had never been politically engaged or loud, but that the summer of 2020 prompted her to start asking questions publicly on Twitter.

Her words, “as we moved on, nothing made sense,” summed precisely our situation. And I was thinking, these people are getting totally exploited, and their churches are closed, yet you can spit in a cop’s face on the street, and there’s sweat and rage everywhere.

In that case… So I just stopped believing it,” Carano went on to say. Then I began to feel extreme anger.

In regards to lockdowns, mass vaccines, and pronouns, I was vocal long before anyone else. So I was ahead, Carano said to Carlson. If I had done that now, I doubt anyone would have given a second thought. But because I brought this up when no one else was, certainly not in my field…

The news of Carano’s dismissal from the cast of the Star Wars spinoff was announced by Lucasfilm in February 2021. She explained to Carlson how she lost her job because she refused to accept the Hollywood version of events.

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She recalled, “I became a fan favourite in ‘The Mandalorian,’ but they wouldn’t even allow me do interviews once I started getting controversial and wasn’t beating to their drum.”
A spokeswoman for Lucasfilm issued a statement at the time, calling Carano’s online attacks on people for their ethnicity or religion “reprehensible and unacceptable.”

Carano described herself as a victim of the expanding cancel culture attitude in the days that followed her original tweet. She was labelled a White supremacist, a bigot, and even a racist.

My accuser claimed that the authorities pursued me relentlessly in an effort to use me as an example.

Carano, a former mixed martial arts fighter, is no stranger to suffering, but the events of the past year have devastated her.

A broken nose and body are annoying, but what I’ve been through in Hollywood over the past year has damaged my heart more than anything else, she added.

Carano has indicated that she is finally feeling better and is hopeful about the future.

She played Hattie McAllister, a tough-as-rawhide pioneer mother who protects her children from outlaws while her husband (UFC champion Donald Cowboy Cerrone) is gone, in Terror on the Prairie, a Western film produced by The Daily Wire. The forty-year-old is also a producer.

Closure, according to Carano, is what the project represented to her.

A new edition of Tucker Carlson Today, featuring Carano, is now available on Fox Nation. Tune in to hear more about her dismissal, the events leading up to it, and how she’s been spending her time since.

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