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Jon Favreau Stops Disney from Firing Gina Carano

Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau: The current social media turmoil surrounding actor and women’s MMA fighter Gina Carano has sparked once again as #FireGinaCarano trends on Twitter again.

The Mandalorian star who is playing ex-mercenary and the current Nevarro New Republic Marshal on the show has been in light throughout Season 2 but seems to have been unaffected by all the turmoil, thanks to the show’s creator, Jon Favreau.

It has been reported that unlike the rest of Lucasfilm, Jon Favreau is not particularly political and neither interested in other’s beliefs especially Gina Carano and her extreme right-wing beliefs. This was made clear in statements by Author WDW Pro.

It still remains unclear from Disney currently about the whole controversy, however, it is not very unlikely that there are some at Lucasfilm who would not agree with Gina Carano’s political beliefs.

Jon Favreau Stops Disney

However, there is another report that suggests that Disney has asked Carano to apologize. While it was not clearly stated what they had asked to apologize for, but it is plainly obvious that it would have been with respect to the ongoing Twitter Controversy. But neither Disney nor Lucasfilm have officially commented on anything on this matter yet.

Jon Favreau

Interestingly enough, after Walt Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek made a statement about the recent riots in the US Capitol building, #FireGinaCarano started trending on Twitter once again as Carano liked many tweets by apparent Riot supporters.

Gina Carano responded to the fallout with a Princess Bride quote — “so an apology does not seemingly appear to be at the forefront of Carano’s mind”.

Though Carano has been at the receiving end of anger on social media, she still continues to receive love and support from her Star Wars and Mandalorian fans alike! Apart from the hateful tweets and hashtags, the WeLoveCaraDune/#IStandWithGinaCarano has also been trending on Twitter for the past few weeks. So all in all, Carano is attracting a lot of attention for herself, some positive, some negative.

The recent rumors say that considering that Carano’s character spent the majority of Season 2, now Dune will get her own spin-off series with Rangers of the New Republic. Stating all that, it all this is just based on speculations and reports from Insiders. An official statement is still awaited in the matter from Disney and Lacasfilm.




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