La Brea Season 2: All You Need To Know About The Show

La Brea Season 2 update: One of the most creative shows on primetime is back for a second season. After their lives have been torn apart, the Harris family and other survivors’ stories are continued in La Brea season 2.

It’s bad enough when a massive sinkhole appears in the heart of a bustling Los Angeles neighborhood, but when that sinkhole turns out to be a link to an ancient planet, things become really interesting. The survivors’ separation from those they love poses the hardest difficulty, and they will stop at nothing to reunite with them. 

A giant sinkhole that opens up in Los Angeles drags people and structures into a shadowy, scary, prehistoric environment where they are forced to cooperate to survive, setting the stage for the epic family adventure that is La Brea.

La Brea Season 2

The Harris family is still divided in season 2 as Eve deals with her son Josh accidentally entering a portal to 1988. She is unaware that her ex-husband Gavin and their daughter Izzy have arrived in prehistoric Seattle and are currently navigating the weather and wild animals on their journey to Los Angeles. 

A preview for La Brea season 2 will whet fans’ appetites even though the entire trailer hasn’t been published yet. It should come as no surprise that season 2 will feature even more action, mystery, drama, and tension. 

On Tuesday, September 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, La Brea season 2 debuts. The following day, Peacock offers to stream brand-new episodes. The Voice, which premieres on September 19, kicks off NBC’s Tuesday night schedule at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by La Brea. The night comes to a close with the premiere of New Amsterdam’s last season on September 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

The UK release date for La Brea season 2 is not yet known, but we’ll update this page as soon as it is. In the UK, Season 1 is accessible on Paramount Plus. 

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