OnePlus 10T Price, Design, Performance, and Much More

A mid-range smartphone in the OnePlus premium line, the OnePlus 10T is available now. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 system-on-chip powers the smartphone. Which is designed for performance. It also features 150W fast-wired charging technology.

OnePlus 10T: Price

The price of the OnePlus 10T is $649 / £629 for the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage variant, and $749 / £729 for the 16GB/256GB variant.


OnePlus 10T

The camera bump is where the OnePlus 10T’s similarities to the 10 Pro are most striking. On the top-left of the phone’s back are the same four circles and a square promontory that is identical to the one before it.

The phone’s back has the same kind of bump as the 10 Pro. But instead of having two different levels, the back glass now curves up to meet it.

It has glass on the front and back, but the polycarbonate frame in this instance takes the place of the aluminum frame in the Pro model. A two-sided curved profile on the back of the glass makes it simple to hold and use.

On the other hand, the back cover’s glossy, smooth texture is slick and easily attracts fingerprints.

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OnePlus 10T
Tom’s Guide

The OnePlus 10T does not perform imaging well enough. This is due to the fact that only the primary 50-megapixel camera sensor, out of the four on the phone, really stands out. It responds quickly to changes in focus, captures the frame with almost no shutter lag, and works well in dim lighting.

Although colors occasionally seem dull and washed out, the primary camera performs admirably during the day.

With virtually every photo coming out sharp and crisp. The primary lens also performs well at night, with photos taken at dusk looking almost like they were taken during the day. Every time there is a relatively bright light source, such as a streetlight, it does experience the blooming effect, though.


With the 10T, OnePlus put an emphasis on computing power, choosing a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor an upgrade from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 found in the OnePlus 10 Pro, and up to 16GB of RAM instead of just 12GB.

As one would anticipate from a high-end sub-flagship smartphone. The performance is excellent. Importantly, even when used for power- and graphic-intensive tasks. There is no performance degradation after prolonged use.

Battery Life

OnePlus 10T

The OnePlus 10T is powered by a dual-cell battery with a total capacity of 4,800mAh. With a display set to 120Hz refresh rate and moderate usage. The phone easily lasts through a day on a single charge. Naturally, if the phone is used for prolonged periods of time for power-intensive tasks, the battery will discharge more quickly.

The really poor battery life is the price to pay for this quick charging speed. Although it has a 4,800mAh capacity, which is quite a large amount, the phone has trouble holding a charge for some reason.

To top off that battery OnePlus provides a potent 150W charging system with the 160W USB-C charging brick that is included with the device. The OnePlus 10T is one of the fastest charging phones we’ve ever used thanks to its ability to reach 84% charge in just 15 minutes and 100% charge in just 20.

The OnePlus 10T charges even more quickly when you gauge charging speed by the total milliamp hours filled in the quickest period of time.

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