Jennifer Lopez Shares A Great Bond With Violet, Ben Affleck’s Daughter

Recently we have seen Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Paris, however, they were there for their honeymoon, and Violet was there with them too, which shows their beautiful bond.

It is always the stereotype that a stepmother and a stepdaughter can never be good friends. But when it comes to our celebrities then they prove it wrong and define it in their way.

We have seen a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who have a great bond with their stepparents or their stepchildren. Whether it is related to the fact of getting married or having a new family, they always form a great bonding.

Among them is the singer Jennifer Lopez who shares a very great bonding with the daughter of Ben Affleck, Violet.

The newlywed couple that is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shares a great bonding with each other’s children. Coming to Jennifer Lopez then we know how she is close with the 10-year-old son of Ben Affleck, that is Samuel. But when it comes to 16-year daughter Violet then she also shares a great bonding with her.

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Here you can see some pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Violet Affleck

Jennifer Lopez

The 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez and 16-year-old Violet were spotted in New York City, ahead of the 50th birthday of Ben Affleck. They both were wearing casual clothes and were spotted on 14th August, Sunday.

Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing a casual loose white shirt with grey shots. She was also seen wearing sneakers and having a Gucci bag. She was wearing sunglasses and her hair was tied up.

Coming to the looks of Violet then she was seen wearing a t-shirt and orange pants. She was wearing slippers and was wearing a mask with glasses.

It was recently when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen with their kids in Los Angeles while going to an unknown place in their private jet. They all were seen in a very casual cloth as they must be going to celebrate the 50th birthday of the actor.

The couple got married on 16 July 2022 in a very private ceremony. They wanted it a legal marriage and that is the reason why they legalized it on the same day. After their marriage, they went to Paris and had an amazing time with their kids in restaurants and different places.

The couple with their children were also seen boating and doing a party on the terrace of a restaurant. After their honeymoon phase, they came back and went apart with their work. They were apart for some days and reunited again because of the birthday celebration.

The couple is very happy to spend their whole life with each other and so do their children. It is not just them who are happy in this relationship but also their children who care about their stepparents and parents.

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