Virgin River Season 4: Every Info Including The Cast And Storyline, Is Available.

Virgin River Season 4 on Netflix is about to return, and as is to be anticipated, the lives of its people are very different from the idyllic rural setting. Who wouldn’t fall in love in a location like that, c’mon, take us there?

But Mel Monroe’s life is only getting more difficult, and with a baby on the way, she is about to experience a life-altering event she could never have predicted. What then awaits her, Jack, and the unborn child (who may or may not be his)?
Here is all the information you want on the upcoming comeback of the program.


  • Genre: Romantic drama
  • Based on: Virgin River novels by Robyn Carr
  • Developed by: Sue Tenney
  • Original language: English
  • Country of origin: United State

Who Is In The Cast of Virgin River Season 4?

• Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge)
• Jack (Martin Henderson)
• John (Colin Lawrence)
• Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley)
• Doc (Tim Matheson)
• Hope (Annette O’Toole)
• Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth)
• Brie (Zibby Allen)
• Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale)
• Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey)

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date:

Virgin River Season 4

The fourth season of Virgin River will premiere on July 20, 2022, so mark your calendars, binge viewers!

Additionally, season five was announced at the same time as season 4, so viewers already know they can expect additional episodes. According to Jinny Howe, vice president of original programs at Netflix, “[With] everything that’s been going on in the world, people are] seeking for, not only that comfort but also that feeling of optimism and that feeling of community,” she said of the significant revival.

What does Will happen In Season 4?

 “Mel is upbeat despite not knowing if the baby belonged to her late husband, Mark, or Jack. She’s finally one step closer to realizing her long-held desire of becoming a mother “Reads the summary.

“Jack is encouraging and happy, but the paternity query keeps bothering him.

The description adds, “Complicating matters is the entrance of a gorgeous new doctor, who’s in the market to establish a family of his own.” “The psychological repercussions of Hope’s brain damage will have significant ramifications on both her and Doc while she is still recovering from her automobile accident.

“Brie suddenly finds herself in a deeper connection with Mike and one step closer to Calvin’s vicious criminal web as she sets out to prove the innocence of the guy she loves.

Preacher “can’t help but hold out hope for being reunited with Christopher and Paige even as he forges a new romantic bond.” At least we know now that Hope is recovering from the automobile accident, but how much will it impact her and Doc?

Sue Tenney, the show’s creator, also assured TV Line that before the conclusion of the season, viewers will learn the identity of Mel’s baby’s father. But what does it imply for the marriage if the child is not Jack’s? Melissa Breckenridge cautions that this can be a significant obstacle for the couple.

Virgin River has been renewed for a fifth season in the future in addition to season four, which is now airing this summer.

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