All American Season 4 Must Watch Series Before Season 4

All American Season 4 Update: There’s really no question that we’re ready to overindulge in the brand-new All American new episodes. But the bad news is that season 4 will take longer to arrive on Netflix than you’ll have expected.

All American succeeds on various scales: it’s a teenage drama, a sports show, a coming-of-age story, and even a remark on Los Angeles’ esteems. Spencer James played by Daniel Ezra, a promising football star combining his goal with typical adolescent turmoil as he moves from his home area of Crenshaw to becoming the MVP of Beverly Hills High, is indeed the subject of the show, which was based on retired NFL player Spencer Paysinger’s life.

Spencer has had a long and winding road ahead of him. He’s concentrated on his profession, but it doesn’t imply he’s missed out on some significant adolescent moments. Season 4 of All American has concentrated on some of those adolescent events, such as college admission and prom.

If you like any element of Spencer’s narrative, whether it was the sports or the community drama, there are many series with similar topics that you could enjoy once you’ve finished watching All American. We’ve searched through the vaults to identify the best programs for All American fans to watch next.

Must Watch Series If You Like All American Season 4

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill began with half-brothers Lucas, played by Chad Michael Murray, and Nathan, portrayed by James Lafferty Scott, playing nice on the basketball court absolutely despising one other.

Nathan, the wealthy sibling lives with his and Lucas’s dad and treats Lucas, that has a single mum, eerily similar to how Jordan and even Asher handle Spencer when he first arrived in town.

The Scott brothers, like the All-American lads, begin to believe and love one another. As the show progresses, One Tree Hill seems to be less about sports and more about the prime time television soap opera aspect of everything, however, if you’re a fan of the genre and are okay with stuff like villainous babysitters and transplant organs being ingested by dogs, One Tree Hill will become a fun, dramatic ride.

Season 9 is the final season wherein there’s a lot of chaos, from kidnapping to battling drug addiction. Brooke is striving to reconcile with her father while dealing with a demon from her past. Dan’s hunt for Nathan reintroduces Tree Hill to several familiar acquaintances.

The Netflix docudrama Cheer, which will premiere in 2020, is next on the list. Greg Whiteley’s Emmy Award-winning series takes place in Corsicana, a tiny town in Texas.

The spotlight is not even on athletes, but on Navarro College’s cheerleading squad, which is ready to compete in the national final. It’s an engrossing docuseries that chronicles the group’s ups and downs as they prepare for the cheering competition.

All American Season 4

Season 2 has a lot of chaos and drama including Navarro is enjoying celebrity status, its Trinity Valley Community College adversaries are working hard to reclaim the Daytona title. Trinity Valley forms a strategic alliance that has the potential to propel people to the top. At quite a cheer-off involving Navarro and TVCC, tensions are high.

Season 3 updates are still not released yet, but after a hit second season, there surely will be a season 3, probably in late 2022 or early 2023.


In 2016, Fox broadcasted their American tv drama Pitch. The series is just one season long, but it is well, worth the watch. It follows Ginny Baker, the very first female pitcher for Major League Basketball.

Ginny has a variety of challenges, including unwillingness on the part of the team to embrace her, the strain of being an overnight sensation, and family conflicts in the dark.

It renders the melodrama an appealing watch as she fights her way through all of it. Pitch’s first released in September 2016 and is also the final season since its cancellation.

Last Chance U
This Netflix docuseries directed by Greg Whiteley explores several sophomore American college-level football programs. The show delves into the lifestyles of these characters on and even off stage.

If you’re a fan of All American, the behind-the-scenes footage is dramatic and fascinating, and this personality show is among the greatest to watch.

The frantic backstories give us a close look at how well the players are matched with their goals. Each victory exhilarates the participants, yet each defeat wounds them deeply, and the show examines how the players balance passion and ambition.

Season 2, will premiere this year and will return to East Los Angeles and follow a fresh group of athletes who are utilizing junior college basketball as a launch to four-year scholarships.

Friday Night Lights

If sports is your major attraction, you must see Friday Night Lights, an American sports melodrama. It aired on NBC from 2006 through 2011, for a total of 5 seasons.

It is set in a fictional county of Dillon in remote Texas and follows the shenanigans of the Dillon Panthers, a high school sports team led by coach Eric Taylor. It does, however, explore several socio-cultural concerns that are prevalent in current American culture in a concise manner.

Season 5 portrays Tami as she gets disillusioned in her new position, Coach Taylor’s tensions lofty aspirations for East Dillon’s upcoming season. Dillon bids farewell to two graduates as they prepare to depart for college, while Vince and Luke seek to acquire a new player for the Lions’ squad. There will not be the sixth season, according to numerous members of the cast and crew

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