Chrissy Teigen Has Shared Her Selfie With No Clothes ON!

Chrissy Teigen Update: If we talk about Hollywood and its fashion statement then nothing could beat them. The hotness, as well as the boldness of celebrities in Hollywood, has always proved it and that’s why they are so famous. There are a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who has given the best look in their best dresses but at the same time, they have also given some sexy looks while going off with these dresses.

The meter has always been high and that is the reason why they get a lot of news. If we consider such things regarding our famous models then it is worth it. Recently we have seen model Chrissy Teigen who took off all her clothes for a beautiful and sexy Instagram selfie.

Chrissy Teigen who is known for her modeling career and also featuring in one of the greatest videos of her husband John Legend called has recently posted a picture. She has posted an Instagram story and shared a very sexy look in front of the mirror. She has also shown off her interesting tan lines and has added beautiful and funny captions.

Chrissy Teigen Has Shared Her Selfie With No Clothes On!


The 36-year-old model got all this attention on 18 April 2022. This selfie on her Instagram post of her has caught a lot of eyes and has gained a lot of attraction. She showed herself in front of the mirror and also in front of the sink while being nude.

The model has covered her chest through her hands in this picture. She has also shown her tan line which was marked by her swimsuits.

In the caption, she has written “this is great” and people found it quite sarcastically. Recently Chrissy Teigen has made some headlines while she was enjoying some time at Disneyland with her husband John Legend and her children. It was the sixth birthday of her daughter Luna.

We have also seen her 3-year-old son whose name is Miles and they all have enjoyed their time together. We have also captured some adorable photos while they were enjoying some rides. They have also posted some of the pictures on their Instagram and we have seen how they were standing in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

We have also seen how the family enjoyed boat rides and have also eaten sweet lollipops while gaining some incredible scenery around them. They have also posted on Instagram and said that they can’t believe that their daughter has turned 6. With these gestures of the couple, we can say that they are very proud parents.

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