Anya Taylor Joy Talked About Getting Freezed In Mud While Shooting

Anya Taylor Joy Update: If we talk about the hard work of our celebrities then it is not something we can count on our fingers. Just to give us some hours of entertainment, they have given their years. And that is the reason why we appreciate their work as well as their work ethic and dedication towards it.

There are a lot of such celebrities in Hollywood who have worked quite hard and have suffered a lot while they were shooting some series or films.

They also got a lot of chances to experience something new in some new places. Among them is actress Anya Taylor Joy who recently revealed that her legs were frozen while she was shooting for The Northman.

Anya Taylor Joy is one of the best actresses we have ever had in our period. Not just in Hollywood but also all around the world, she is famously known for her acting. Recently this actress has revealed the method of harsh filming conditions while she was shooting for The Northman. The actress has revealed that her legs were almost frozen in mud on the sets of her upcoming project.

Anya Taylor Joy Talked About Getting Freezed In Mud

Anya Taylor Joy

The actress has said these things to the Variety while she has given her best look on the red carpet of The Northman premiere. The premiere of this film was in Los Angeles.

Without hesitating for a single second, the actress has complained about it and said that she was feeling so cold that she has even asked her director Robert Eggers if they could somehow get things to continue.

The actress said that she doesn’t complain very often. But there were some days when the mud came up till her knees and it has made her freeze. The actress even said that if they can continue their shooting and the director said “we should roll”. She then justifies all these things and said that at last they have got a final cut and it was beautifully shot.

Anya Taylor Joy appeared at the premiere of The Northman in her beautiful white dress. She has also gone with some accessories and her hair was tied backward.

If we talk about the film then it is a story of Prince Hamlet and his quest. After witnessing his uncle who has murdered his father and has also captured his mother, he went on a quest. The story of The Northman is inspired by a tragedy written by William Shakespeare and it is called Hamlet.

The story is written as well as directed by Robert Eggers who has worked really hard to make it come real. The film is going to release on 21st April 2022.

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