Undone Season 2: Update On Release Date & Much More

Undone Season 2 Update: the animated dramedy series is all set to return. Season 2, is soon to happen almost after two and a half years after the first season.

Undone Season 2 Update And More

Almost after a wait of two and a half years of Undone. We got its first glimpse in September 2019, when Amazon Prime Video’s original series released ‘Undone’ first season. The series was unlike anything we had ever seen.

In addition, it was Amazon’s first original adult animated series. ‘Undone’ was also the first to be created with rotoscoping. The series received quite a lot of significant praise upon its release.

Now, the long wait of fans has finally come to an end. With Amazon Prime Video officially ready to release Undone Season 2. The series has promised to become a more mind-bending experience.

Plot Summary

The story pilots around a 28-year-old Alma Winograd-DiazCurrently living in San Antonio, Texas, but had a drastic change in her life after a car accident. After having a near-death experience. She seems to have gained the power to alter the concept of time resulting in a dramatic alteration. Soon discovers that she can move along time and space. More precisely it can be described as time travel.

Undone Season 2

Alma tries to use her newfound power to travel in time. Determined to learn more about her father’s death, looking for answers to her questions. This experience will result in her changing as a person.

The amazing psychological, mystical drama series is co-created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy. Also, directed by Hisko Hulsing.

Assuming that Undone is made as an animated series. It’s much more delivering a complex and very intense narrative. Resulting in it becoming an immersive show.

FYI: For all the psychological drama, animation, or stories of self-discovery fans. This series contains a mixture of all, offer all at once.

It’s not too late yet, you can watch the first season yet.  Right now it’s a good time to catch up on the eight episodes. Don’t the chance before the second season’s arrival.

Season 2 ‘Soon To Arrive’

Undone Season 2 is all set to come out with eight episodes. They are planned to air together on the day of the release. The official date of release is April 29, 2022.

The official trailer was released on April 2, 2022.  Undone Season 2 trailer was released at the WonderCon panel.  Looking at the trailer, we can confidently say that Season 2 is even more trippy and exciting than the first season.

The trailer reveals that Alma isn’t the only person with the ability to travel in time. There is another member in the family with the ability to move through time and space. Her sister, Becca, also has the ability like her.

Now, both of them will work together. Coming together to explore their past and learn the secrets that could save their family.

In short, the trailer can be defined as a kaleidoscope of surreal imagery and mysterious scenarios. Now the sisters are in to make sense of their new experiences.

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