Money Heist Korea – The Remake Of The Spanish Series Is On Its Way!

Money Heist Korea series obtain an uncountable number of fans around the globe, and everybody knows this fact well, and now the Money Heist series is going to be made again, this is not in Spanish or not in English is now going to be made in Korean way.

According to webnewsobserver, Money Heist Korean is on its way, people in Korea are really different, the way they act, the way they exhibit, the way they make things is different. So now we’re going to watch Money Heist Series from a very different angle. Korean people always think of making new things or exhibiting the old things in a new way.

So this is the Korean remake of Money Heist series. Back in 2021 on first of December, quit game fame Park Hae – Soo gave all a confirmation that version of Money Heist just going to happen soon. From then the fans are very much thrilled to watch and to know when the series are going to release.

We suppose the time has finally come. And the details that were released that Money Heist Korean will be released anytime in the year 2022.

Money Heist Korea

We can address Money Heist as the most viewed Netflix, drama, because its content is worth it, it is no surprise that it has got so many views, so many people viewed it, a lot of people watched the series because the content was so intense, content was so good, this has become one among the world’s best thriller series. It gave so much fun that it is now going to be remade again in the Korean language too, to attract so many people again.

The making of the Korean Money Heist is any way already announced by Netflix.

And the new version of Money Heist into a new language, new people, and the remake is going to be directed by Kim Hong – sun, and the screenwriter is Ryu Yong – Jae.

BH Entertainment and Content Zium have a proper understanding of the production of the series.

Money Heist Korea: Trailer

The initial teaser of the Netflix series Money Heist was released on 18th of January 2022, and the name for the new remade series is as “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area”.

Cast – Character Update: Who Will Return?

  • The Professor – is going to be portrayed by Yoo Ji – Tae
  • Berlin will be done by Park Hae – soo
  • Tokyo – by Jeon Jong – seo
  • Rio – Lee Hyun woo
  • Helsinki – Kim Ji – hoon
  • Seon Woo-jin will be portrayed by Yunjin Kim
  • Nairobi will be portrayed by Jang Yoon – Ju
  • Lee Joo-bin will be playing the role Yoon Mi -seon
  • Cho Young – min will be played by Park Myung -hoon
  • Moscow is played by Lee Won – jong
  • Captain Cha Moo-hyuk, is portrayed by Kim Sung-oh.
  • Oslo, this is played by Lee Gyoo-ho
  • Ann – is portrayed by Lee Si-woo

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