Daniel Radcliffe Teases Weird Al Yankovic the Biopic is Insane

Daniel Radcliffe, well known for his role as Harry Potter, has been attempting to diversify his filmography with films such as Swiss Army Man and Guns Akimbo, with the new biography being the most recent illustration of his varied resume.

Madonna will be played by Evan Rachel Wood from Westworld, and Dr. Demento will be played by Rainn Wilson from The Office. Evan Rachel Wood and Rainn Wilson will co-star in the upcoming flick.

The documentary Weird: The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Narrative will describe the story of the titular musician’s life. Weird Al has created a career out of parodying well-known songs in order to ridicule pop culture and the original performers, with his music videos enhancing this effect, selling millions of CDs, and winning five Grammy Awards in the process.

What more did Daniel Radcliffe reveal?

Daniel Radcliffe
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In an interview with ET Canada, Radcliffe discusses how insane the film is and how astonished he was by the crew’s ability to complete it in such a short amount of time. He also says he grew his own mustache to mimic Yankovic’s traditional image, which includes glasses and short curly hair (Radcliffe wore a wig.)

Furthermore, Radcliffe suggests that the film is fully authentic to Yankovic’s life before swiftly clarifying that it isn’t, but that the finished product would nonetheless wow fans.

Weird: The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Story has been hotly awaited by fans of Yankovic’s music since Radcliffe’s casting, with a biopic on his life speculated for years. The future film will be available to watch on The Roku Channel, with a release date to be determined. It’s also unclear whether the film will be released in theaters, allowing it to be considered for an Academy Award nomination.

For decades, Yankovic has been one of the most constant artists in the music industry, bringing laughter to many with his smart lyrics and satirical edge. Only time will tell if Radcliffe can match Yankovic’s vocal style and effortless charisma, but with Yankovic co-writing the screenplay with director Eric Appel, it’ll be true to whatever story Yankovic claims to be true to his own life.

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