Must Watch Movies and Shows of Jennifer Aniston

From being everyone’s most favorite fashion icon Rachel Green in Friends to a former beauty queen Rosie Dickson in Dumplin, Jennifer Aniston has come a long way and has always left a massive impact on her audience.

Whether it is her character of abusive and arrogant boss in Horrible Bosses or her character in The Morning Show, Aniston has always performed her best in every role she got.

Daily Research Plot has brought some of the best and most amazing Movies and Shows of Jennifer Aniston. Here is the list!!

1. Friends

Friends is an American sitcom that revolves around the life of six friends living in Manhattan. Friends created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman aired for 10 years and became a family for millions of people.

The show had Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Le Blanc, and David Schwimmer.

Character Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston was indeed the show’s soul. From running away from the alter to giving birth to Emma, Rachel Green didn’t fail to impress the audience and her dressing style and hair were absolute winners. Fans can binge these amazing show Friends on Netflix.

2. The Morning Show

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The Morning Show is an American dramatic television series starring Jennifer Aniston. Loosely inspired by “Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV” by Brian Stelter, the show’s first season premiered on 1st November 2019 while its second season premiered on 17th September 2021.

The show has now been renewed for the third season who release date is yet to come. The show revolves around Alex Levy played by Jennifer Aniston anchors the popular news program “The Morning Show”.

Fans see how Alex, after much chaos, manages to get back her position. The show tells who the people associated with the industry carry out their work amid several challenges.

3. Just Go With It


Just Go With It is an American Romantic film of 2011. The movie, written by Allan Loeb and directed by Dennis Dugan, has Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, Nicole Kidman as lead characters. The film is a remake of 1969’s movie Cactus Flower. The film made it a big success at the box office within a few days of its release.

Although it received many negative reviews for its plot and editing, many more people praised its writing and acting. This movie is available on Netflix.

4. Murder Mystery

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An American Comedy Mystery Film Murder Mystery is directed and written by Kyle Newacheck and James Vanderbilt. The film has Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston as the lead characters and was released on 14th June 2019.

The film revolves around the life of a married couple Nick Spitz and Audrey Spitz played by Adam and Jennifer, who get stuck between a murder investigation on a yacht. The movie received both good and bad reviews. Besides, the movie’s sequel is also scheduled for its release sometime in 2022.

5. We’re the Millers


Yet another good work of Jennifer Aniston is We’re the Millers, directed by Rawson M Thurber. The film stars Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Will Polter, and other great actors.

The film, released on 7th August 2013, revolves around the life of a veteran property dealer who convinces his neighbors and with their help sets up a fake family for smuggling drugs to the United States from Mexico. This movie was also a big hit and also got nominated for many awards.

6. Horrible Bosses


Horrible Bosses is an American Dark Comedy film of 2011 directed by Seth Gordon. The film stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Colin Farrell, Jamie Fox, and Kevin Spacey.

The film’s plot is about three friends played by Bateman, Sudeikis, and Day who after being fed up, decide to murder their respective bosses who are extremely abusive and overbearing. The bosses are played by Aniston, Spacey, and Farrell. The movie’s sequel The Horrible Bosses 2 was also released on 26th November 2014.

7. Dumplin

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Yet another comic-of-age comic film Dumplin is a masterpiece starring Jennifer Aniston and Danielle Macdonald. The film, directed and written by Anne Fletcher and Kristian Hahn, revolves around the life of Willowdean “Dumplin” Dickson who is a plus-size teenager and is the daughter of a former beauty queen Rosie Dickson played by Jennifer Aniston.

The film takes a turn after Dumplin registers herself for her mom’s Teen Bluebonnet pageant transforming the entire pageant and their small-town Texas.

8. Marley & Me

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Marley & Me is an American comedy-drama film that was much loved by the audience and the fans. Directed by David Frankel, the film has Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Eric Dane, and Alan Arkin in lead roles.

The film revolves around the life of a couple John Grogan and Jennifer Grogan played by Wilson and Aniston, whose life changes after they adopt a fun-loving and naughty dog named Marley.

The movie shows what changes the dog brings in their lives and what new and interesting lessons he teaches them. Marley & Me is one of the most appreciated movies by Jennifer Aniston.

9. The Switch


Directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, The Switch is an American movie loosely based on Jeffery Eugenides’s short story Baster and stars Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, and Thomas Robinson while other stars like Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, and Juliette Lewis could be seen in supporting roles.

The film is about a man who learns after seven long years that he was the sperm donor for his best friend’s son. The movie is fun and you must go and watch it.

10. Wanderlust


Wanderlust is an American comedy film that stars the two most popular actors i.e. Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd.

The film, written by Wain and Ken Marino and directed by David Wain, is about the life of a couple played by George Gergenblatt and Linda Gergenblatt played by Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston respectively, who after being rattled by sudden recession and unemployment, decides to experiment living in a rural commune while escaping their modern society and discovering new things.

11. Along Came Polly

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Along Came Polly is an American romantic comedy film of 2004, directed and written by John Hamburg. The movie, starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston in the lead roles, revolves around the life of Reuben Feffer played by Ben Stiller whose life takes a different turn after he falls in love with Polly, his old classmate played by Jennifer Aniston.

But Confusion arises when Lisa when his ex-wife returns back to him. The movie was released on 16th January 2004 and its plotline was quite appreciated by the fans.

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