Friends Star Matthew Perry Say He Never Understand the Depression and Anxiety

Matthew Perry Updates: Jennifer Aniston reveals some amazing things about the mental health struggle of her partner Friend Perry. This is how Jennifer Aniston commented on the psychological struggle of her partner Matthew Perry.
The actor, who played Rachel facing Perry’s Chandler on the hit sitcom, responded to her comments by getting anxious on the set.
What did Jennifer Aniston say?
Aniston recently told TODAY, “I did not understand the level of anxiety and self-harm that Matthew Perry put on him if he didn’t get that laugh, and the damage he felt.” “Which means a lot.”
“For me, I thought I would die if they didn’t laugh,” Perry said to all live spectators at the game during a recent gathering of friends.
Matthew Perry went on to say, “Of course, it’s not healthy, but I say a line sometimes and they don’t laugh and I sweat and if I don’t get the laugh I should have, I convulse. Would. I have to go. I’ll be nervous.”
Actor one-year-old addict of both alcohol and Vicodin
The entire season of Friends saw Perry win over substance abuse. He has said that his memories of the time between Season 3 and Season 6 were hazy and admitted that he doesn’t remember much of that period.
The actor was battling a year-old addiction to both alcohol and Vicodin. Perry went to rehab twice and later, opened her sober living facility called Perry House. He has been sober for several years now.

What Matthew Perry Shared?
For a long time, the Friends cast has been supportive of each other, both personally and professionally. It took nearly 16 years for the cast as a whole to reunite and enjoy dinner at Aniston’s home in late 2019.
Aniston’s surprise that Perry faced such insecurities about her natural comedic talent echoed with the shock of Friends viewers, who were stunned by her statement. Perry’s deranged Chandler Bing’s portrayal of devil-may-care seemed so on-point, so refreshing, that Aniston’s shock at her admission was understandable.
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