Top 5 Shows Got Removed From Netflix: Friends, Glee, And More!

Some shows on Netflix were remarkable for their release and the rights however, they got removed. There are certain series or movies or any project that comes on online platforms which were loved by the audience but due to some reasons, it was not able to carry the further story with renewal or sequels.

However, a gap that remains inside the heart of fans made it spin-off but it is not possible for every situation present in series or movies.

Talking about such things then Netflix is one of the known platforms for its release however there a certain television shows that got removed or are about to get canceled. So here are the names present for it.

Top 5 Shows Got Removed From Netflix:

1) Friends


The first one that comes to our mind is the famous series called Friends which got removed on 31st December 2019. However one can watch it on HBO Max as they have got the right to the series.

2) Glee


Glee is one of the most famous and gained a lot of audience on Netflix. But when it comes to the removal then it already happened on one December 2021.

It was later on got by Disney who is right now streaming the television shows as they have got the right to it.

3) The Office

The Office

The Office remains one of the most loved television series that was presented on television but The Office has got the right to show it on its platform.

But in December 2020, the rights were later on given to the Peacock and it eventually got removed from the platform.

4) The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries is one of the most loved television shows on this planet. It is because of this amazing casting and the characters which remained remarkable and got renewed for many seasons.

It was till September 2022 that Netflix got the rights which were later transferred to platforms like HBO and Peacock.

5) Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds are again one of the remarkable television shows present on Netflix. It was there till the last year but got removed in June 2022.

Coming to the platform that is streaming it right now then it is Paramount Plus which has added a subscription to it.