Chris Evans New Dating Rumors Taking Spotlight

Chris Evans may have a new woman in his life if internet rumors and speculation are to believe. The 40-year-old Captain America star is rumored to be dating 24-year-old Warrior Nun star, Alba Baptista. Though neither has confirmed they’re dating at this moment.
Chris Evans is rumored to be dating Alba Baptista as per the latest fan conspiracy theory. The speculation started earlier this month. When Evans shared a video to his Instagram story. That had fans speculating he was in Baptista’s hometown of Lisbon, Portugal.
These romance speculations of the duo only sparked. When some very detail-oriented fans noticed that Evans started following Alba on Instagram back in the fall of 2020. But she didn’t follow back until June 2021 and the timing of that is very suspicious. As for some fan theories, that’s currently going around. That the two met last summer and also their chemistry started in Europe. While back in June 2021 the “Gifted” artist was filming the movie, “The Grey Man” and Alba was working on season two of Netflix drama “Warrior Nun”. And also as they followed each other on Instagram and liked a few of each other’s posts.
The Deux Moi podcast addressed the casual social media exchange between the pair. Also noted Evans made the first move to follow Baptista on Instagram.

What does Chris Evans say About the Rumors?


Meanwhile, fans were quick to make other theories about the rumored pair. From the MCU actor’s recent Instagram video. Evans recently filmed a personal video for a Jewish Foundation School teacher and her eighth-grade students.

The video went viral. After several eagle-eyed fans claimed the Captain America star filmed the video from the Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Some news outlets are saying Chris Evans was in Lisbon in February’s first week visiting Alba. Since the video, he shared his Instagram Stories. One user alleged Baptista spent the New Year holiday with Evans in America.
Also, Evans is currently in Portugal to visit the actress. As there have also been reports that Baptista spent New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles. With some speculating the photos she shared from her trip might have taken in Evans’ back yard.
The Captain America star has linked and rumored with several women in two years. Although he has never confirmed any of these rumors. Like back in 2021, fans were very much convinced that the Marvel Cinematic Universe star was dating Selena Gomez.  Yet was eventually linked to Neymar Jr. . After it was revealed that fans faked evidence of her rumored romance with Evans. 
Despite the ongoing rumors. All current speculation about Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s equation is still based on fan theories. Yet, it’s hard to look away from the evidence but none of the evidence is yet proven enough to support the claim. Neither the stars nor any sources close to them have acknowledged the rumors at the time of writing.

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