Here Is How Chris Evans And Alba Baptista Celebrated Their Valentine’s Day?

The actor Chris Evans has given a tribute to his girlfriend Alba Baptista on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. We have seen how celebrity generally tries to keep their personal life very private and away from all media attention.

Whether it is related to their outing or their date, everything still gets highlighted even after so much privacy. At certain periods and times, celebrities share some glimpses of their personal life through social media. Sometimes it is related to pictures while other times it is videos and a perfect caption.

The same happened with the Avengers actor Chris Evans and he is head over heels for girlfriend Alba Baptista.

And that’s the reason why he is not at all hesitating sharing pictures and perfect moments with his girlfriend. It was on 14 February when the actor uploaded a video to his Instagram story where we can see dozen of pictures that we have never seen before.

In one of the pictures, they are both seen smiling at the camera while taking selfies. They were also seen kissing each other in the vehicle.

The story was also related to a video where Chris Evans was introducing the actress to Mario Bros 3. The expression of Alba Baptista was telling the reaction that how she is loving the movie. The actor added that how she hated the video but he loved it.

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Here you can check out some pictures of Chris Evans and Alba Baptista.

Chris Evans

In some pictures, we can see their perfect date going on nature hikes. They were also related to some waterfalls and values which indeed was a perfect location.

Some pictures were related to their cuddling while others were related to Apple picking. They loved their travels which can be easily seen in these pictures sometimes in the snow and other times in the summer.

The couple were rumored to be dating ever since 2021. However, the confirmation was never cleared to till the time Chris Evans decided to post pictures of himself with the actress in November 2022. He has accepted his relationship publicly and made it official by looking back at 2022.

Chris Evans has uploaded some pictures and videos where the actor was seen doing laundry with Alba Baptista.

Some source revealed they are really committed to each other and wants to spend every day together. And that’s the reason why they are also looking forward to settling down.

The source said: “This is the most committed anyone can remember him being in a very long time, if not ever. They spend most of their time at his place in Massachusetts and love the quiet life there, surrounded by nature and away from the spotlight. Chris was very open he wanted to take his time before settling down.”