Selena Gomez and Chris Evans Sweater Connection. Click to know

Selena Gomez Updates: Selena Gomez is comfortable in the fall. The 29-year-old Rare Beauty founder sparked some inquiries about her own dating career as she backed BFF Taylor Swift’s “live Saturday night” this weekend.

In a dictatorial Swift released from behind the scenes, Gomez can be seen wearing a white cable knit sweater that looks like the one Chris Evans played when he was rumored to be dating Selena on “Knives Out”.

“Selena was impressed tonight,” a fan account tweeted.

A TikToker released a video pointing to a similar style, saying, “This is not a coincidence.” However, the singer’s comfortable look is actually Zara’s ($ 48) carved high-collar look, which is now sold out.

Evans wears a bulwark cable knit sweater as a ransom in the 2019 movie, which is frantic to see the tragic look of the fans. Shortly after the film premiered, the actor bought a similar style for his dog Dodger.

Evans, 40, recently sparked rumors of a love affair with Gomez when he followed him on Instagram. Later, he released a video of himself playing the piano, in which Selena was seen posing as a beautiful woman with a pop like the one who filmed him.

Pop cultural astrologer Kyle Thomas recently told the Post that, when reviewing their birth charts, he did not mention that “the alleged relationship between Evans and Gomez” may actually be the necessary link between the two of them. Respective sweater collections.

What Selena Gomez Says About the Rumors?


As you may or may not have heard, the internet is working overtime this fall to make every effort to find clues as to Gomez and Evans being together and to reveal their relationship.

Rumors first began circulating in early October that Gomez and Evans seemed to be leaving some similar places at the same time. Rumors were soon deleted – d! Gomez and Evans said the photos of them leaving the venue were taken several years apart – but fans are still hoping to cross their fingers.

In late October, some eagle-eyed TikTokers spotted Gomez’s reflection on Evans’ piano on Instagram, once again rumored to be turning the wheels of the plant. Now (now!), Gomes wanders around New York City – Evans’ iconic, sporty sweaters resembling cinematic knitwear – should we believe this is a complete coincidence? (Okay, okay. This is a coincidence. But, let me live!)

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