K-Dramas Releasing In February 2022

K-Dramas Releasing In February 2022: February is the shortest month of the year, that doesn’t mean you will devote less time to catching up on…

Published: February 2nd, 2022 4:41 am | Updated: May 11, 2022 4:41 am

K-Dramas Releasing In February 2022: February is the shortest month of the year, that doesn’t mean you will devote less time to catching up on the latest Korean movies. More Korean dramas are to be released in February month.

There are 4 most important  Korean dramas to be released in February 2022 and promise sizzling on-screen chemistry between actors such as Park Min-young and Song Kang, as well as Kim Jae wook and Krystal will show a perfect love in the month of February.

The month of January brought us various memorable k-dramas like the Ghost doctor and trace and you have also seen the end of favorite shows like the beloved summer and red sleeve cuff.

So, the month of February is called to be the most exciting month and the number of fresh plotlines as well as pairing you will see in this month. You must check out the watchlist for February 2022.

Here is the list of K-Dramas Releasing In February 2022.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a series that follows the two characters of the present day, that is it focuses on the character of development, growth, friendship, and love and youth altogether.

The season first comprised 16 episodes. It is a romantic comedy series with a run time of about 70 minutes.

Some of the main casts of the series comprise of 

  • Kim Tae who played the role of Na Hee-do.
  • Nam Joo played the role of Hyuk as Baek Yi jin.

The series is based on the dream of two young people who are crushed by the financial crisis of 1990. The two main cast members are Yi Jin and Na Hee do who first meet at the age of 22 to 18 years, and later on, they fall in love when they turn the age of 25 and 21. Na Hee-do by profession is an athlete whereas Yi-jin is a reporter. They both meet each other for the first time in the Asian Games, their story begins gradually and follows their encounter.

In 1988 both Hee-do and Yi-jin faced an adverse financial crisis. Although the Hee-do high school fencing team was recognized as one of the best teams and is able to overcome the financial crises. Whereas on the other hand, Yi-Jin worked hard day and night and even worked several times a part-time job along with full time in order to meet their family needs.

So, twenty-five twenty-one is a heartwarming drama don’t ever miss this show, you will surely like it the most.



Thirty-Nine is a slice of drama that depicts the story of three women who have been friends for more than two decades after meeting in their second year of high school. The series is a showcase of stories of friendship, love, and the lives of three friends.

All three are about to turn forty. You will get a glimpse of some realistic struggles the age of a 39-year-old woman faces. And the way, they overcome the challenges together.

The main cast member of this show is:

Son Ye-Jin  played the role of Mi-jo.

Jeon Mi-do played the role of Jung Chan-young.

Kim Ji-Hyun who will play the role of Jang Joo-hee.

Cha mi-jo belongs to a well-to-do family and has a stable and successful career as a dermatologist. And two of their close friends were Jung Chan-young and Jang Joo-hee. Chan-young works as an acting coach, whereas Joo-hee worked as the manager at the department store. I personally like this show the most. You will surely love this show.

The Driver

The Driver is a mini-series that follows the stories of Ha Tae Joon who in the series became a driver, to support his family after he suddenly left his job. There are two episodes of this series. You can watch this series on MBN. 

The main casts of this series are:

Ahh, Jae played the role of Ha Jae Joon.

Lee tae-ran played the role of Mi-Seon.

Ahh, Kil played the role of Ho-Cheol.

The series is directed by veteran actor Kim-woo. The drive is a drama that purely depicts the hardships and challenges that families go through. In the series it is seen that Ha-tae Joon left his job, he had no choice left, other than to become a driver.

As the title of the series shows, in order to support the family and to meet his family’s needs he needs to drive himself continuously. In this series, Mi-Seon is shown as a positive as well as supportive wife, who always stays with her husband Tae-Joon.

Forecasting Love and Whether

Forecasting Love and Whether

Forecasting Love and Weather is a love story drama. Where the two stars Park Min-young as Jin ha Kyung and Song kang as Lee Si woo both worked at the nation’s weather forecasting services.

The series shows the story of an office romance that takes place between two opposite office colleagues. The series comprises sixteen episodes. You can watch this show over the JTBC as well as Netflix channel.

Forecasting love and weather takes you through those people who worked with the weather. The series focuses on two cast members like Jin-Ha-Kyung and Lee-shi-woo who worked closely with one another at the Korea Meteorological Administration. The series shows the officer romance which happens between the colleagues.

The main casts member of this show are:

Park min who played the role of Jin-Ha-Kyung

Song Kang played the role of Lee shi-Woo.

Yoon Park played the role of Han-ki-Joon.

Yura as Chae Yoo-jin.

Jin-Ha-Kyung was not only adept at her job but also lost the perfect balance between her personal and professional life. However many of the colleges find it most challenging to go closer to Ha-Kyung due to his aggressive appearance.

Whereas on the other hand, Lee-shi is an intelligent Klutz whose complete life revolves around his work. So, it is recommended to all to watch this show, you will surely like it the most.