Forecasting Love and Weather Release Date, And Why Cast Members Look So Familiar?

Forecasting Love and Weather Updates: These days the number of Korean dramas has increased so much and also it is increasing rapidly and now we are talking about the new series of the Korean language Song Kang is going to get back with his new series of Korean over Netflix.

The actors are whoever the director be whoever you write a big part when it comes to the Korean dramas everyone just craves for the movies or maybe series or maybe short films and whatever it is irrespective of genre and the other things we just watch the Korean drama with all our heart giving to it.

We have made out regarding the “Love and Leashes”, “Thirty Nine”, series recouping to series atop Netflix, and at this time we long for paying attention to the“Forecasting Love and Weather” series.

You can’t say no to a Korean drama as per the current records we have known that jTBC, the Korean cable network has set free assorted trailers straightaway, not long ago it will also emancipate to the trailer of the “Love and Leashes” series.

The lead roles we would be watching in the series we’re going to watch a love story where they have a very much age gap in between and they work in the company where there the romance is forbidden.

The aborning creed for the series was honestly noticed as the “Cruel Story Of Office Romance”, then it was behindhand given a name as the “Forecasting love and Weather”, Song Kang and Park Min – Young, this is really going to be much more to watch, and now title related to jTBC.

Park it’s really a very talented actress and we can be so sure when play talk came out that even the production staff told everybody that she’s really good to portray this role she gave her entire performance, she gave everything for this role to portray and to make it as the best roles of her. They said that she even made the hardest part of the series become easier she portrayed so well that everybody praised her. And this was the information that was given by Soompi.

Forecasting Love and Weather Release Date

Forecasting Love and Weather

We know that a lot of people have watched “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” Korean drama, she became so famous with her role in it and also she portrayed a role in “Her Private Life”.

These are the two K dramas in which, her roles were just marvelous.

And here apart from all the other details we would be watching Song Kang this is his initial series to play a leading role. The Admirals are waiting for songs performance to watch with this series, Song Kang would be portrayed as Lee Si – Woo, people are all waiting for this role to watch.

Forecasting Love and Weather will be released on Netflix on 12th Feb 2022, as it is a Romance comedy and it’ll be Valentine’s week. The episodes will be released every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix.

The story we would be witnessing is that there are two people who are the Co-workers and what happens when they fall in love.

Let’s have a look at Forecasting Love and Weather cast member and where you might have seen them.

Song Kang

Song Kang

Song Kang is a South Korean Actor, he was born in 1994, on 23rd April. Song Kang has played many roles in many K-dramas as, Love Alarm, Sweet Home, Nevertheless, and Navilera.

Song Kang started his acting career with a supporting role in rom-com Tv series named The Liar and His Lover. Later he was cast in a family drama in “Man in the Kitchen”.

Park Min-young

Park Min-young

Park Min-young is a South Korean actress, she was born in 1986, on March 4th. Park Min-young came to people’s notice as she got the fame and name from the series named Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. Later she was cast in other series like City Hunter, Glory Jane, Remember, Her Private Life, etc.

Park Min-young started her career with a sitcom named High Kick in 2006. After that, she began to appear in various Tv Series.

Yoon Park

Yoon Park

Yoon Park is a South Korean actor, he was born on 18th November 1987. Yoon Park has started as a drummer in the band named Can’t Play Well. The band won the Bronze Prize at the 34th MBC Campus song Fest. in 2010.

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