Top 10 Korean-Dramas to Watch on OTT Platforms in 2022!

Top 10 Korean-Dramas: Following the success of Parasite and Minari in Prime Video, the presentation of Korean content slides reflects a growing interest in Korean dramas, with strong links to genres such as romance, mystery, thriller, and horror. Here are 10 exciting K dramas that you can watch online.

Exciting stories, talented actors, and wonderful cultural beauty are good reasons for Indian audiences to immerse themselves in Korean content. The U.S. From plays and movies to pop music, Halle or Korean has entered the hearts of Indian audiences and added popularity to South Korean culture in India.

Following the success of Parasite and Minari in Prime Video, the presentation of Korean content slides reflects a growing interest in Korean dramas, with strong links to genres such as romance, mystery, thriller, and horror.

Here is a list of 10 exciting K dramas that you can watch online

All of us are Dead (Season 1)

All of us are Dead

Episode: 8

Genre: Horror

Cast: Eun Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Jo Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, You In Soo

Netflix Release Date: January 28, 2022

The lust of zombies is always vicious, although the species are often old and predictable. However, if there is any country that has restored life to the species, you can not wait for South Korea. Starting with the amazing train to Busan in 2016, we have seen the popularity of the Rampant, Peninsula, Kingdom, and #alive in recent years.

We’ve known for a long time that adaptations of the popular web tune All of are Dead coming to Netflix. An exciting new series is expected to hit Netflix in 2022, which will be a great start to the new year. A group of high school students has been caught in a school where a zombie virus infects many people.

Money Heist (Season 1)

Money Heist
What’s on Netflix

Episode: 12

Type: Crime, Thriller

Cast: Yu Ji Tae, Jeon Jong Seo, Park Hee Soo, Lee Wan Jong, Kim Ji Hoon

Netflix Release Date: 2022

Money Heist, a Spanish international show, has become one of the most influential and popular non-English dramas on Netflix. There is only a short time to become a Money Heist Production and what better country than South Korea to repeat the success of the show?

Recording for the series is now over and we look forward to its release on Netflix!



Author: Choi Qi-Soko

Director: Yon Song

Starring: Yu Ah-in, Kim Hyun-zoo, Park Jeong-min, Wan Jin-ah, Yang Ik-jun

How would people react if the great monsters started beating people in the streets and beating them publicly so everyone could see? Bad! What a mess! Have you seen human history ?? It is the essence of Hellbound, the subtle, the cruelest test of faith, and the contagious spirit of a community that can mix like sweet sacramental wine and midnight mass; Another Netflix myth from 2021 is offensive and religiously offensive.

Train to Busan Helper Yeon Song, Hellbound has a slower, more humble story than his Korean zombie film, but he continues his story to ask unanswered (and unpredictable) questions about human nature without waking up. Shares skills. , – Helig Fach

Twenty-five Twenty-one,

Twenty-five Twenty-one

12 February 2022

Directed by: Zhang Jihun

Cast: Kim Tai-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Ji-yeon, Choi Hyun-wook, Lee Joo Myung

Overview: A play for young people who have lost their dreams in the 1998 lyricist. It includes five friends and love, friendship, hardship, and growth.

Seoul Vibe

Directed by: Moon Hyun-Sung

Cast: Yu Ah-in, Ko Kyung-pyo, Lee Kyo-hyung, Park Joo-hyun, Ong Seong-woo

Overview: The action blockbuster movie Seoul Vibe revolves around a team called Shandong Supreme to expose corruption as the world focuses on the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

20th-Century Girl

Cast: Kim Yoo-jung, Bain Woo-seok, Park Jung-woo, Roh Yun-seo

Overview: 20th Century Girl 1999 is a love story. In the last year of the 20th century, a 17-year-old girl finds her first love – a sweet, pure but painful relationship. A few years later, in the 21st century, stories about her first love revived her love for young people she thought she had forgotten.

Love to  Hate you

Directed by: Kim Jong-Kwan

Starring: Kim Okay-Win, Yu Teo, Kim Ji,  Wan-Hee Zhao

Overview: Love Hating is a warlike relationship between a woman who hates losing a man and a man who suspects women a lot. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

The Accidental Narco (WT)

The Accidental Narco (WT)
Soompi Forums

Directed by: Yoon Jong-bin

Cast: Ha Jung-Woo, Hwang Jung-Min, Park Hee-Soo, Jo Woo-Jin, Yo Yon-Seok, Chang Chen

Overview: Based on real-life events, Accidental Narco is a simple businessman who has no choice but to risk his life by joining a secret government agency operation to catch a Korean drug lord. Crash Narco made his directorial debut with Yoon Jong-bin in the series and worked with Netflix.


Directed by: Zhang Ji-woo

Cast: Kim Young-Kwang, Kang Hee-Lim, Kim Yong-ji, Kim Su-yon

Overview: The case of the social networking app is by the app developer and his friends. It marks the first business of director Zhang Ji-woo in the series and his collaboration with Netflix.

Black Knight

Black Knight

Directed by: Cho Ui-Soko

Actor: Kim Woo-bin, Kang Yo-seok, Asomi

Overview: The series is set in 2071, with people relying on masks to breathe. Only 1 percent of the human race survives and strong social divisions are established in the arid lands of the Korean Peninsula. Transport drivers play an important role in this process. Being a freight forwarder for refugees is their only hope for survival.

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