Best Action Thrillers Coming on Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, and Hulu in February 2022

Best Action Thrillers Coming on Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, and Hulu in February 2022 February is around the corner and people are excited about Valentine’s Day. But not many people are waiting for February to spend it like a love month but they are waiting for many actions and thriller movies and shows coming on famous streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon, and Hulu.

Too many fans are eager to catch some of the most talked-about action thrillers movies from 2021 until they arrive on a streaming service like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon, and Hulu. Indeed, February is going to be an exciting month for the fans.

Let us talk about some action-thriller movies coming on Board on Netflix in February 2022.


Dark Desire- Season 2

Dark Desire Season 2

The show revolves around an extramarital affair but becomes more complicated when murder becomes a part of it. Dark Desire is going to release on 2nd February 2022.

Toy Boy-Season 2

Toy Boy revolves around the life of Hugo when after seven years, he gets released from prison. Hugo was sent behind bars after he was found next to the burnt body of his client Macarena’s husband on a boat.

Now after seven years, his case is reopened as a major law firm takes it. The second season of Toy Boy is going to release on 11th February on Netflix.

Fistful of Vengeance

Another film full of crime, action, and thriller is Fistful of Vengeance which is coming to Netflix on 17th February 2022. Fistful of Vengeance revolves around the life of a young boy Kai Jin who is a young chef in San Francisco but gets stuck with the Chinese Triad’s pursuit of deadly ancient powers known as Wu King.

Don’t Kill Me

Don’t Kill Me

The story revolves around the life of a teenage girl Mirta who along with her boyfriend Robin die of a drugs overdose. Although Mirta comes back to life without Robin, the world is not the same for her.

She can’t go on with her life back to normal and discovers herself holding something darker than she could have ever imagined. She now has to survive on human flesh. The show is going to release on Netflix on 20th February 2022.

Amazon Prime Vidoe

A Fistful of Dollars

A Fistful of Dollars revolves around the life of a man, who rides into a town where a deadly rivalry between two groups prevails. Instead of getting scared for his life, the man is seen playing on both sides for his benefit.

Die Hard

Die Hard is an American action series based on the book titled Nothing Lasts Forever. This series stars John Mclane, Thomas Gabriel, and Hans Gruber.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995)

Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) is an American Thriller in which John Mclane takes the help of a local shop owner, Zeus Carver, to former Colonel from East Germany Simon from detonating bombs across New York.

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Gone in sixty seconds is another Action thriller film based on a former prisoner Memphis Raines who returns to the crime world to save his brother’s life after he learns that his brother is getting threats from a notorious gangster.

Killers (2010)

Killers is an action film about an assassin killer who finds that he and his soulmate are being stalked by hired killers. The film is an action-comedy directed by Robert Luketic.

King Arthur (2004)

This action film revolves around the life of a reluctant leader Arthur who before returning to peace and stability, gets compelled to lead a mission when Rome is captured and Britain would need a new leader.

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard is an Action Thriller that revolves around John Maclane who is assigned the task of tracking down a hacker, by the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division’s Director. An ethical hacker Thomas is also seen helping John to deal with the cybercriminals.

Reign of Fire (2002)

Reign of Fire (2002) is an action film deals with havoc wrecked on planet earth by a group of fire-breathing dragons and a team of survivors trying to regain control over the planet.

The A-Team (2010)

The A-Team (2010) is an action movie in which four American soldiers, after accomplishing a special mission in Iraq, might face court-martial for losing a piece of important evidence. However, they get a chance to clear their names after six months.

The Rock (1996)

The Rock is an action movie is about Frank Hummel, a dishonest Brigadier General who threatens the government to launch rockets on San Francisco city. However, his plans are stopped midway by a chemist and an ex-convict.

Turistas (2006)

Turistas is a horror-thriller in which a group of tourists goes on a trip to the Brazilian coast. But, after a bus accident, they get to know the dangerous secret when they get stranded in a strange and weird village.

Reacher – Amazon Original Series (2022): Season 1

Entertainment Weekly

The most awaited show Reacher revolves around the life of a retired Military Police Officer Jack Reacher who gets accused in a false murder case and finds himself in full of a conspiracy of cops, businessmen, and politicians.

The Protégé (2021)

The Protégé is an action thriller movie about Anna, the world’s most skilled contract killer. Anna was rescued as a child by famous assassin Moddy but after Moody is brutally killed, Anna vows to take revenge for his teacher and guardian Moody.


Fight Club

Fight Club is a Thriller Drama in which an insomniac person forms an underground fight club with a careless soap salesman Tyler after being fed up over an unhappy capitalistic lifestyle.

No Exit (2022)

No Exit revolves around a college student who, while being stranded highway in the mountains, discovers a kidnapped child hidden in a car belonging to one of the occupants.

Universal Soldier: the return

It is an action movie about a retired soldier Luc, who works as a technical advisor, engaged in stopping a computer program running the soldiers goes rouge.

Encounter: Complete season

Encounter is a thriller movie revolving around a decorated Marine who goes on a rescue mission to save his two young sones from a mysterious threat.

Others in the list are:

Hammer Of The Gods (2013)

In Hammer of The Gods, Stener is forced to become a warrior while searching for his brother.

District B13 (2004)

It revolves around the life of an undercover cop and an ex-thug who tries to infiltrate a gang in order to defuse a bomb in Paris in 2010.

Cheer Squad Secrets (2020)

It shows the life of a woman who helps her daughter in becoming a caption of a cheerleading squad but discovers that someone is giving her mysterious supplements.

Gully (2021)

It revolves around the life of three teenagers Calvin, Nicky, and Jesse who seek peace in their friendship. However, their lives change after witnessing violence.

The Beta Test (2021)

This revolves around the life of a married Hollywood agent who receives a mysterious letter for an anonymous sexual encounter and gets dragged into the lives of the world of lying, murder, and infidelity.

These are just a few as these OTT platforms are all set to drop many interesting and engaging action thrillers in February 2022. Daily Research Plot has and always will try to keep its fans and readers updated. Happy Binge!!!


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