Taecyeon Revealed How Vincenzo Co-star Song Joong Ki Took Care of Him during Han Seok’s death scene

Taecyeon shared in a recent interview while he was shooting Vincenzo, Song Joong Ki took a take of him. For many K-drama fans, Vincenzo is at the pinnacle of the listing of final year’s maximum famous dramas. While Song Joong Ki gave us an avatar like no different as the flowery mafia consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, the opposite main and helping solid individuals deserve extensive kudos for bringing Vincenzo to existence and making it one of these deals with to observe for humans everywhere in the world.

This consists of 2 PM member Ok Taecyeon, who had his paintings set out for him in Vincenzo as Jang Han Seok, our favorite “evil incarnate.” *WARNING: SPOILERS* In Vincenzo, Taecyeon’s terrible alternate from funny Jang Jun Woo to animalistic Jang Han Seok left visitors stunned, as we had been puzzled with the aid of using each malicious pass he performed. That’s a tribute to Taecyeon’s cap potential to convey Jang Han Seok to existence together along with his talent-driven, numerous appearing range.

Furthermore, now no longer most effective for Vincenzo on-screen, however additionally for visitors of the program off-screen, Jang Han Seok’s eventual loss of life scene appeared like an extensive catharsis moment.

What does Taecyeon share about Song Joong Ki?


Taecyeon selected Jang Han Seok as his maximum tough man or woman to play to whilst addressing his maximum tough man or woman to date. More importantly, the 33-year-vintage actor spoke approximately taking pictures of Jang Han Seok’s grotesque loss of life scene and the way his co-famous person Song Joong-ki made him sense relaxed on set even as filming one of these tough scenes.

From Cinderella’s Sister to Dream High, Save Me to Vincenzo, and now Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, your admirers might agree that every function you play has a completely unique complexity that makes it a lot of satisfaction to observe as an audience.

Vincenzo’s Jang Han Seok There’s no question approximately that. The director of Vincenzo had an exact idea of the ways Jang Han Seok has to be portrayed and acted, and even though the clean and specific direction, gambling a vicious killer became a piece of stress for me.

Of course, Ra Yi Eon [from Secret Royal Inspector & Joy] is the same man or woman. Ra Yi Eon is Taecyeon of the Chosun era, in my opinion, due to his love for meals and the humans around him. I felt honestly relaxed whilst gambling Ra Yi Eon, and I became capable of test with several approaches of expressing Ra Yi Eon.

I sense pressured to invite you this due to the fact there are quite a few Vincenzo admirers in India. What did you believe you studied of Jang Han Seok’s horrible loss of life scene in Vincenzo, and the way became it running with Song Joong Ki at that moment?

Viewers had been capable of enjoying catharsis due to Jang Han Seok’s loss of life. Everyone despised Jang Han Seok, and his horrible execution, even as unjustified, served as a shape of retribution. Onset, Song Joong Ki became usually pleasant and pleasant. He double-checked that the device used to kill Jang Han Seok might now no longer damage me earlier than the shoot began.

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