Cardi B Said She Felt Like Suicidal And Went Through Anxiety Related To Her Rumors Spread By Tasha.

Is Cardi B going through depression and Anxiety? Celebrities’ life seems to be very much like a fairy tale. But do you think that it is exactly the same we see! Their life seems to be very much happy and chaotic less but it is exactly the opposite. We have seen that many of the celebrities have suffered from trauma, they have been through anxiety and depression.

Their career also got hampered due to these things and that is the reason why they become more anxious. Recently the rapper Cardi B has confessed such things.

We know that Cardi is right now in the legal fight with YouTuber Tasha Kebe. She who was always known for her rapping, as well as her boldness, was seen to be helpless when Tasha Kebe has spread some false rumors about her. Cardi B says that it was Youtuber Tasha who was behind the bad and malicious comments that were done.

On January 13, Thursday, a lot of things came in front. On this day, Cardi B testified in her case with blogger Tasha. Cardi B said that when the rumors that Tasha has spread over the internet were going so much viral then she felt suicidal. She said that she felt like committing suicide when she was falsely spreading these things about her. It was on the 4th trial in Georgia Court that Cardi B came. Tasha has shared the rumors related to her s*xual life. She has said that Cardi B has a lot of diseases related to s*x.

What Cardi B Shared About the Rumors?


Due to these things, She said that she felt very much anxious and helpless too. Tasha Kebe was just doing it nonstop, continuous. This is the reason why Cardi B even saw a downfall in her followers. She said that it was not just anxiety but also fatigue, and even migraine that she was facing. She even saw weight loss in her. Cardi B even said that Tasha is not a good person but an evil because whatever she is doing is done by the evil. She said that only evil is the one who can do these things.

These all things started after the birth of her baby Kulture with her husband Offset. She said that she has felt going into depression as well as she felt very much defeated. She said that after the rumors of her sex life were going around her then she felt very much defeated and she felt ashamed and uncomfortable in sleeping with her husband. She said that she doesn’t deserve this hatred and false rumors.

We have seen a lot of times how she manages herself and her life well but sometimes it feels very hard for her. She has confessed these things a lot of times. She said that having money doesn’t mean having peace and happiness.

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