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Game of Thrones Prequel ‘House Of Dragon’: Peter Dinklage’s thought on the series

House of Dragon Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage is one of the famous casts from Game of thrones. Not as an actor but as a viewer he discharged his interest in watching the new part of the House Of The Dragon which is going to be telecasted this year. He has no clarity about what happens in the house of the dragon so he is much excited to watch the show completely as a viewer only but not as a famous actor.

Peter Dinklage Praising House Of The Dragon

Peter Dinklage gave a compliment to the show house of the dragons that it should stand on its own. It should not be like a recreation of the game of thrones in case it seems like a recreated one then it will be considered as a money grab. Along with this, he gave clarity about the end of the game of thrones. None of the viewers of the game of thrones have wanted the end of the series just they wanted the creators to continue the series with many action dramas and twists. But unexpectedly the end has been given.

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Release Details Of House Of The Dragon

The creators of the show have not given any exact date for the release till now but they said that it will be telecasted this year only. It will be telecasted on the platform of HBO. Before the release of the show, George R.R. Martin said his opinion by watching the 1st episode of the series that the show was awesome and powerful. He was very much impressed by seeing it. Rather than the Game Of Thrones, the house of the dragon followed the content of the House Targaryen.

House of Dragon Prequel of Game of Thrones

In the month of December Peter Dinklage has revealed the information about the end of the game of thrones to The New York Times. Though it was big bad news for the audiences and the big fans of the series about the end.

John Cena Appearance On The Peacemaker For His HBO Series

According to James Gunn about his The Suicide Squad he explained that by seeing a small clip of three and half minutes which was created with more wild action no one can understand the complete story of the show. Peacemaker and Agent Emilia Harcourt have given many twists and actions. The character peacemaker was taken from the comics of sliver age. The peacemaker will have a helmet with him by which he collects the souls of the people who were dead and even he has a choice to listen to the people’s voices.

Maybe there are more powers for his helmet which he does not know till now. Remember to all the people who are fans of the peacemaker that his appearance is available on January 13 on the platform of HBO. Let us wait until we get any information from the creators of the house of the dragon about the release date.

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