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Tom Holland And Zendaya Planning Low-key For New Year Eve, Here Is What You Want To Know!

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Tom Holland And Zendaya planning something for New Year Eve. Dating costar or the work colleague is very common in Hollywood or any other film industry. The reason is very simple, it is because of the fact that these celebrities or actors spent most of their time doing work or on the set.

This is why they become comfortable with their colleagues and that’s how they become closer to being a couple. We gave seen many such couples and they are living happily together. Among them are our Spider-Man and MJ.

Tom Holland who is 25 and Zendaya who is also 25 share a great bond together. The couple had worked in the three films of Spider-Man and that is the reason why they are so close with each other. They share almost everything with each other and spend a lot of time.

Those couple has decided to celebrate New Year Eve together but they also decided not to go anywhere. They decided to keep it lowkey as they always do. Instead of going on vacation or any destination, they decided to remain at home with their dogs.

According to a source, the couple is right now at the home of Zendaya and they are planning to be there on New Year Eve. They do have more plans to spend some holiday with Tom’s family. But it seems like COVID Pandemic came in their way.

What Tom Holland And Zendaya Are Planning for the New Year Eve?

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They have not yet decided to start a family together but Tom does wish to become a father. In an interview, while promoting their film, Tom said that he wanted to start a family and be a father. Although they don’t have such plans, for now, they spent quality time like family. They have their dogs as their kids. Tom has a bulldog whom he named Tessa and Zendaya has a schnauzer whom she named Noon.

The couple was confirmed to be in a relationship when they were spotted doing lip-locking inside their car. They were open about their relationship during their film promotion. They have tried to keep their love and relationship not so open up high in public.

They have shared a great bond of friendship before coming into a relationship. We have also seen that they support each other a lot Zendaya posts pictures of Tom on her Instagram and she called him charismatic and “my spiderman”. On the other hand, Tom also shares the picture of Zendaya on Instagram. They really set some couple goals together.

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